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on getting news feed from bloomberg api

August 21st, 2020, 9:55 am

Hi everyone.
Getting time series and realtime data using BBG terminal API is OK. But, setting a news feed is not that obvious to me. Quick google search didn't get me far. Some argue an additional BBG subscription is required (Event Driven Feeds). Other suggest to use specific service providers ( Alternatively, one can try his/her chance browsing through the numerous open source projects on github or the like (example). Hansi & DaveAngel would probably suggest I hit <HELP><HELP><GO>, but in my experience BBG support is not that valuable when it comes to API/automating/programming issues. And, finally I thought that this subject is of interest for the Wilmott community and I guess some of you already have a wealth of experience with it.
With that, any comment/suggestion on getting news feeds programatically from the BBG terminal are much welcome.

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