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Prof Raoult’s first paper

March 31st, 2020, 7:05 pm

Prof Raoult from Marseille is one of the top researchers in the world on infectious diseases.
In Marseille, they’re testing as many people as they can and treat them.
The treatment is the combination of two drugs (hydroxychloroquine and azitthromycin).
It is after having heard from the Marseille story that Trump tweeted about it.

The first paper on this topic has three groups of patients (a control group with people from other hospitals too, 16 people), a group of 14 people taking only hydroxychloroquine, a group of 6 people taking both.
On short, on the 6th day, 2/16 people test negative, 8/14, and 6/6.

The conclusion is that this treatment seems to decrease fast the viral charge. So people are contagious on a shorter amount of time.

Some people criticised the study arguing that 6 people were taking out, and some missing data was filled. They said that nothing could be concluded. They say that large randomised tests must be done.

Prof Raoult and his team says that the study indicates that this treatment works. Moreover, as a doctor it is his duty to give patients the best treatment he can as opposed to giving some placebo if he thinks there’s a better treatment.

What do people think about the removal of the six patients and the treatment of the missing data? Do people think there’s information in this study? ... I_IJAA.pdf

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