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Re: Possible to find freelance job in fintech for as low as $5/hour?

Posted: January 9th, 2019, 9:39 am
by Cuchulainn
This is a serious question, yet maybe desperate one too,  so I just post it here without spending the time to look for the best 'forum category to post'. 

So if you have skills in C#/C++/AI computer vision and etc can you find a low paid project that can be started at least from "distance"/freelance (with option to relocate maybe). 

Places like upwork are horrible, these days they won't even let you sign up, I miss the days of rent-a-coder and odesk... 

Do freelancers work on fixed-price basis or are they too lazy to carry out a project estimation pilot project? If not what you see is creeping costs (for the customer) and creeping featuritis.
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I suppose people like to know what they are getting for what price and when.