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Processing IDE for data Visualization

January 21st, 2017, 9:08 am

Having been a native New Yorker for a good portion of my adult life.  My former and current career as
a hardware tech, i'd often be collaborating with ITP at NYU   interactive art galleries and my former vocation
(Lighting, automation, and kinetic event and art installations). .I had made friends (formerly) students, and now graduates
Often, I'd be in discussions with my friend Daniel Shiffman and he'd be giving me hands on showcases of the environment
and we'd be sitting around watching him do coolest visualizations ever seen with this little known JAVA based IDE called PROCESSING.

It's not  computationally or mathematically oriented.   I.e.   Matlab, Python numerical libraries, R, C++, NAG, etc.
However, it's capable of some of the most visually stunning interactive data visualizations i've come across.
I was wondering if anyone in the quant community has any experience in this.  
I'm pressed for time, and I would say other priorities keep my plate full with less time to play around in it,
but was wondering if others were.   I know that Deutchebank had some quants playing with it and doing some cool things.
Would love to know anyone else's experience with it.    It's really lightweight and not much difficulty to get up and running.
I've been working on my programming skills lately.  Mostly R, Matlab, Python.    I want to expand out to C++ and CUDA
tenvironments one day to make use of highly efficient parralel GPU processing one day in the future  ---  It's a bit too ambitious
for me at the moment.--- I would love to hear some experiences with PROCESSING and Financial apps.  

The examples I've seen from friends at ITP had created some examples that just blew me away.  visually stunning, interactive, and I can only imagine the possibilities.    However,  we quants tend to be more practical.  We like speed. barebones..  Nothing pretty --- just fast and computationally efficient.    Which makes sense to me.    It'd be cool to hear of financial professionals and quants stories using it.

ANYWAY..   back to my lab.    WORK WORK WORK :)  and More WORK!

Which is why I was considering spending some time really getting to learn to use it well
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Re: Processing IDE for data Visualization

February 17th, 2017, 12:47 am

Hello Michael,

I just noticed your post and the lack of replies. 

Before I go on, please note what I am about to share is my own work. ... n-studies/

I've been interested in following the development and evolution of visualisation libraries, especially Processing and now D3. So much so that I wanted to allow users of my portfolio management software to visualise data in new and innovative ways. I wrote a desktop based IDE which supports numerous visualisation libraries and allows users to create visualisations for their underlying data, i.e. position data, account transactions, watchlists and even historical price data (open, high, low, close, volume).

Given your post, I thought I would share in the event that you are unaware of Stator and Visual Studies.

Are you able to expand and tell me more regarding the work of Deutchebank in this space? What underlying (finance, trading) data are they visualising?

Anthony Nosek
Anfield Capital 

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