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the dark matter of politics

Posted: March 11th, 2020, 1:29 am
by farmer
I have long observed that nihilists play a significant role in democratic elections. Here is an example. Suppose you point out to supporters of Bernie Sanders for US President, that his policies would result in poverty and correlated suffering and death. Without admitting to it, many of his supporters would quietly be enthusiastic for this outcome.

The only popular explanations for nihilism have been 1) envy toward the large population of people who are richer than you in a free society, and 2) impulses for the organization of human activity by personal knowledge and emotion, which would be more appropriate to the tribal setting which people are supposedly designed for.

Anyway I found a stronger fountain from which the emotional utility for nihilism springs. But I am doing something else and don't feel like finishing this post writing about it.