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My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 29th, 2020, 7:11 pm

Application to Human Rights Watch for Help about Protection of my Human Rights
I am writing this application of Human Rights Watch to save me from further grave Abuses of my human rights and torture.
If you find any discrepancy in my application, please ask me to explain it in more detail since some of the things are from memory and sometimes there could be some minor errors when I posted things on internet as I continued to post various events related to my persecution and human rights abuse on internet, over past ten years, in the hope that some pressure from good people will help alleviate my suffering.
I may send an updated version of this application in another ten days. I decided to write this application since some secret services do not like their victims disclosing everything and they might create problems for me therefore I am sending this somewhat incomplete application to HRW and I will add more details in next version of the application.
I want to request the readers to understand that some of the incidents I have mentioned in my application for protecting me from further human rights abuses as evidence can easily be taken as common anomalies, mental health problems or some other mild diseases but once you read all the application carefully, a strong pattern of concerted human rights abuse will emerge. Most of these are violations of human rights orchestrated by military that bribes and encourages the psychiatrists to declare the mentally sound victims as psychiatric patients so that the victims could be detained and given antipsychotics and mind control drugs. The human rights abuse by the psychiatrists especially in Pakistan is extremely obvious and very widespread. I was given electric shocks by a psychiatrist at the start of therapy without even interviewing me. Under pressure from military, other psychiatrists went to the limits of using extreme procedures that are not even known in medical psychiatry to retard me while I had a very sound logic, perfect communication skills and a very well paid job. Abetted by military, one owner of a psychiatric facility who was simply an MBBS doctor detained me and forced me to take antipsychotic tablets and injections against the advice of the consultant psychiatrist who had declared me mentally healthy and asked the owner of the facility to free me. Another doctor who was only a registrar and training to be a psychiatrist detained me for several weeks and continued to force antipsychotic injections and other medicine and I was not seen by any authorized licensed professional psychiatrist during the duration of my detention. And another psychiatrists under military influence detained me and stubbornly refused to discuss my case with me even once despite my repeated requests and continued to force antipsychotics and injections on me. There was complete connivance and understanding between military, psychiatrists and my family and various parties in persecution were protected by military so the psychiatrists and my family boldly violated my human rights. Once I decided to see a psychiatrist of my own choice who had more than twenty years of experience mostly in United States, my family detained me for several weeks with a medical registrar who was only on training to become a psychiatrist and my family threatened me with the consequences of seeing a professional psychiatrist of my own choice ever again and it all continued to happen since all actors in my persecution were assured of complete protection by military and other influential people in authority.
American mind control agencies allocate several hundred million dollars to brain control in each of the target countries out of their more than a trillion dollar defense budget. Only a fraction of a million dollars in bribes would be enough to tempt several psychiatrists to become dishonest especially when psychiatric profession is very loosely regulated and almost no laws exist in several countries to make psychiatrists accountable and, in countries like Pakistan, psychiatric profession has become a very common mode used by military and other influential people to detain, abuse and sometimes retard good and innocent civilians since this profession has very few laws to protect the rights of the patients and other people. When psychiatrists are bribed, they can pick on something very minor to detain people and force injections and they are very aware that there is little regulation to hold them accountable and powerful military is on their back and dishonest psychiatry is flourishing in many countries including Pakistan. I this trend in dishonest psychiatry is not checked, especially in poor countries like Pakistan, psychiatry will become a very common tool to persecute innocent civilians by powerful military and other influential people. Due to military protection and loose regulations, even simple medical practitioners associated with mental health facilities who are not even professional licensed psychiatrists have started to detain people for several weeks and force antipsychotic and other injections since they can make far more money from dishonest practices. And once some psychiatrists have received huge bribes, they remain dishonest and continue to engage in inhuman practices whenever demanded by military and other influential people and this results in a large scale abuse of rights of innocent civilians. I request Human Rights Watch to strongly condemn unethical and dishonest psychiatric practices in various countries like Pakistan and stress on the government and responsible people in society to check these excesses in various countries especially Pakistan.
There are other aspects of human rights abuses that are not usually obvious but have become extremely widespread in several countries. And it is very unfortunate that despite these human rights abuses occur very frequently and are known to a large public, these are usually undocumented and human rights organizations usually do not condemn these human rights abuses in their reports. For example, Military bribes and forces the food and beverage manufacturing companies to add mind control chemicals to their entire food products that are distributed in the market in order to target a few particular individuals while these mind control chemicals are harmless for general public. This practice of adding mind control chemicals is extremely widespread in several countries and very large number of people in general public, government officials, and diplomatic staff of embassies in various countries are very aware of such practices but human rights organizations have generally been slow to acknowledge and condemn these grave human rights abuses. From my experience I can mention that this practice of adding mind control chemicals in food are very widely used in cities of Lahore and London. In fact, even a lukewarm effort at knowing the truth from people associated with food business can reveal the widespread extent of these activities. Especially when I was in London in Sep 2010- March 2011, some of the categories of food and beverages in the city were hugely drugged with mind control chemicals in almost entire greater London. Though I cannot present a scientific forensic evidence, when I tried to contact human rights lawyers, British secret services went to extreme limit of using police and security to force me to not meet any human rights lawyer because any mild investigation would have revealed how food and beverages were drugged in the city by secret services. And when I started to travel around in Britain to several other cities, British secret services went to the extreme extent of asking L**** Bank and M*** Bank to steal my money since British secret services had drugged the beverages in entire London and I started to spend time travelling to other cities where food and beverages were better and therefore British secret services forced prestigious banks to commit petty fraud of a few thousand pounds to bleed my money so that it would be difficult for me to move freely across various cities in Britain. My emails for help were stopped by British authorities and when I decided to visit Lawmakers in British Parliament, I was asked to leave by police on the entrance and come after a week when Parliament would not be in session. When I decided to go to a third country other than Pakistan and Britain to avoid my persecution, British forced Chinese embassy to ask me to go back to Pakistan to get Chinese visa despite that I was a legal resident in Britain on HSMP visa and a prospective business partner (who is now director of a technology center in Tsinghua university) had arranged all visa documents required to get Chines business visa. On the insistence of British secret services, British police repeatedly harassed me and wanted to detain me in some mental health facility so that I could be given mind control chemicals and antipsychotics but they failed to detain me since my logic was completely perfect and I would simply refute any argument they would present about my sickness. For the record of Human Rights Watch, I will present the posts I made on internet forums while all of this activity was taking place in London. I am citing all of these human rights abuses by state infrastructure in Britain because I want to request Human Rights Watch to investigate and establish that a lot of food and beverages in several cities in the world, including London and Lahore, are drugged with mind control chemicals in order to target a few individuals. These mind control chemicals are added to, for example, all the beverages produced by some global brands and then distributed for public consumption in the entire city. Though mind control technologies are very advanced, some of the very basic science behind why these mind control chemicals target a particular victim individual is that most of these mind control chemicals are totally inert and do not chemically react with anything but become ionized and bind with neurotransmitters when electromagnetic waves resonance of particular frequencies is directed on the target victim. Any physics graduate can understand and explain this basic principle.
Again I would request Human Rights Watch that I do not have scientific forensic evidence of mind control chemicals but there is enough evidence of so many other kinds of persecution by state infrastructure that it should warrant investigation of my claims that food and beverages are drugged with mind control chemicals on a very large scale by secret services in various countries on behest of mind control agencies in order to target a few individual victims. There are countless stories of persecution of individuals all around the world by mind control weapons and I hope that Human Rights Watch will investigate and condemn this widespread abuse of human rights of individuals with advanced technologies. Again any serious investigation by Human Rights Watch will certainly reveal the truth since such activities are well known to a large number of people in food business in some large cities, many government officials and diplomatic staff in embassies in many countries.
Though some good people in food business would definitely acknowledge that mind control chemicals are added to food products on orders of secret services and military of various countries, people in food business are usually not aware of the extreme consequences, torture and abuse that happens to a few target victims. I hope that Human Rights Watch would be able to put all the facts about such human rights abuses and provide this information to general public and suggest to the food businesses to avoid indulging in the practice of adding mind control chemicals in their food products. I consider it very important that Human Rights Watch strongly condemns these activities since some of the largest global brands in food and beverage business routinely participate in the activity of adding mind control chemicals in their food products.
Even the pharmaceutical companies are bribed, encouraged and sometimes forced by military to add mind control chemicals to their medicine tablets, capsules and injections.  Secret Services promise stupendously huge money to families of the victims in turn for cooperation with mind control of the victims and related persecution activity.
I have tried to state the incidents that happened over past twenty three years after my persecution started in fall of 1997 in New York. Some of these incidents I mention may not have any human rights abuse element in them but I will simply write them here so that you can understand the context of human rights abuses that were taking place at that time. Since I have been a completely helpless victim of state and military persecution, over past ten years, I tried to write the events of my human rights abuses on internet forums so that some good people in USA and Pakistan would be willing to take some concrete steps to force the military and secret services from further torturing me and violating my human rights. Since I started to write mostly ten years ago, the incidents that had taken place earlier are not written at the time of their happening but in later years I continued to post things on internet whenever violations and abuse of my human rights would take place since sometimes posting on internet forums would slightly decrease the degree of human rights abuse, torture and persecution because of pressure from good people who protested against cruel and undignified treatment of other human beings.
I am not going into extreme detail into what happened while I was a student in N*** University since I was not documenting anything in written fashion. Briefly one of my professors informed US mind control agencies that I had enough talent and they should check my neurotransmitters. And then I became a victim of mind control abuse by secret services. There was no psychiatric abuse in US probably since I had no guardians who could be bribed to declare me mentally ill. I will describe the mind control experiences that happened in US in second part of my application that will follow in a few days. 
I have stated the following experience in Post 324, written on April 20th, 2015, 10:37 am, posted on internet at the address. :
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 29th, 2020, 7:35 pm

At the start of 1998, when I was a student at N*** University, my persecution with neuro-electromagnetic weapons started. When I became the target, my mind was changed drastically. I would lose the meanings of words. I would sit in the library for several hours without grasping a single idea. I was stimulated to do things other than my studies. But I continued to work hard and started to do my financial research again. But CIA started to manipulate me more and more and some of my professors started to discourage and create problems for my research. I was again given drugs in my food several times to stop me from working and be able to use neuro- electromagnetic weapons on me and alter my brain and my research work was disrupted again. Several times I would become very sick after having food but I had no idea what was happening to me and who was doing it. I contacted officials of my university but they all stubbornly refused to help me. I want you to understand that it was a very painful time and I have just written very briefly about it.
[justify]Since I had realized that I had become a victim of persecution by state agencies, I decided to go to Chicago where I would be kept awake for several weeks in a row using neuro-electromagnetic weapons. At that time, I decided to go back to Pakistan.[/justify]
[justify]Mind control agencies actively drugged my food in New York and Chicago in the year 1998 and early 1999.[/justify]
When times became really tough and I realized that I was facing government persecution and CIA was manipulating me and altering my brain, I decided to leave America and return to Pakistan in February 1999.
When I reached Pakistan, I suffered from the same cruelty of CIA dictating other third world nations what to do by generously bribing top officials.
In early 1999, When I came back to Pakistan from America and I was in my uncle’s house in Lahore before I would travel to my home town in Kot Addu, eight persons came to my uncle's home in Lahore, tied my hands and legs, gave me several injections and made me drink a thick jelly like liquid in a bowl. I had not seen any psychiatrist at all when it happened. After I had swallowed the thick liquid, I started to shiver, and this shivering continued for about 48 hours. I could not sleep at night but I can recall very clearly that I continued to shiver.
The next day, I was taken to a different city Rawalpindi and I was asked to meet a psychiatrist in CMH (Pakistan Army's hospital). When I met the psychiatrist, I was in such a weak condition that I had to make a sheer effort to lift my eyelids. It was very difficult for me to open the eyes. The psychiatrist never really interviewed me much about what happened and started giving me psychiatric medicine. Though I can clearly recall that time, I had no mental strength to fluently reason and say anything about my sanity.
Later, I was taken to my sister's home where I was allowed to go out of the home freely after a few days. I left the home and was walking towards Saddar, and I saw a Military building mentioning it was GHQ. I walked in and casually told that I wanted to meet Pervaiz Musharraf who was army chief. An army car came and took me to a close by army installation and the CO (Commanding Officer) there quizzed me. I told him everything frankly and told him that I was living with my sister and my brother-in-law was in Army. The CO called my brother-in-law and he took me home. However my family did not allow me to go out of the home after that. There was armed guard stationed on the door of my sister's home and would force me to stay inside. My brother-in-law also told my mother that CO had told him that they would ask several intelligence personnel in plain clothes to follow wherever I would go. I would like to ask the readers this question whether my forced confinement was justified just because I talked to a CO in army. I think this cannot be easily explained.
I was also kept in the hospital for two weeks and two armed guard stood at the gate only to take care of me and told me that chief has sent us to make sure nobody gives you any wrong medicine.
After a few weeks, I went to my home at Kot Addu where an armed guard remained at the gate to stop me from leaving the house. The locks of my room were reversed and could be locked from outside and I was locked every night for six months. I was put on extremely heavy medication and I had drug-induced jaundice after six months. I was taken to the same psychiatrist who asked for stopping some medication and gave an alternate medication that did not metabolize through the liver. I was also put on treatment to improve my liver. Jaundice was so extreme that I could not sleep at night for two months due to severe itching. The doctor for the liver asked my family to really stop all medication but my sister insisted that I must continue the medication that did not metabolize through the liver. Jaundice was not getting better until I started getting several glucose drips every day for more than a month and then things started getting better.
My family promised that they would never give me any drugs ever. I really believed what they said. I started moving freely in Kot Addu and resumed work on my thesis research. My family did not like my moving freely very much. I had lived on my own previously all my life in various universities.
One day I went to Multan to buy computer software that I needed for my research. My family did not like that. There was nothing wrong with this and I said something of the sort that I am not property of my father. My father and brothers snatched all money I had and tied me to a chair and also tied my legs and beat me. My mother was watching. There was enough noise and our immediate neighbors also started looking over the wall what was going inside our house. My family continued to suppress me for many days. I asked them to let me go but they said that they wanted 50,000 dollars they had spent on my education. I said that I will pay in a few years but they said that they wanted their money at that time. I left my home after a few weeks and went to Lahore and started working at a software firm. I was living with a friend. After about a week my family came to the house I was living and gave me injections forcefully. I had not met a psychiatrist yet. I did see a psychiatrist next day who briefly interviewed me and said that he could never be my enemy and why would he ever do anything to hurt me. He put me on some medication. I was taken back to Kot Addu and again started living with my family. My family was better this time and after a few months, they allowed me to go back to Lahore where I started my thesis work again.
Hong Kong
I went to Hong Kong on September 10, 2000 where I tried to look for a job. I could not find a job and returned on December 03, 2000. When I was in Hong Kong, I still recall that food at several restaurants and fast food places was drugged with mind control chemicals. I do not have my old records about it but I remember that I visited South China Morning Post about and talked to one of the newspaper staff about chemicals in food that would alter the brain right after I would eat the food. At that time, I did not know anything about mind control but I knew that several times my consciousness would strongly decrease after I would take food.
Psychiatric Abuse by Dr. M**** M***.
 After spending only a week in our house at Kot Addu, my family started saying that you are not "working". You are not doing anything much. (I would like to mention that my other two brothers never really worked for more than six or seven years but nobody ever objected). I ate strictly from our house at that time and did not eat anywhere else. After a week, my family mentioned that they wanted to take me to a psychiatrist in Rawalpindi. They gave me something in food and I have no memory of more than nine hours of travel to Rawalpindi. I also cannot recall anything I said to psychiatrist M. This is horrifying to this day since I vividly remember taking food before the journey and later getting into the car. I can recall almost every significant moment of my life but I do not know what happened there and I just recall that when I woke up I was lying on a bed at the psychiatrist M****’s facility and my memory restarted. I can recall everything after that. I have no memory whatsoever of being interviewed by Psychiatrist M****.
I was given electric shocks by Dr. M***** at the start of treatment without even interviewing me. I believe that electric shocks must not be given to any human being and even if they could ever be justified, it would be possible only after all chemicals means had failed. But dishonesty of the doctor becomes obvious because he did not even interview me at the start of the treatment and when I regained consciousness after losing it while boarding my father’s car in Kot Addu, I was already on the hospital bed in an extremely weak condition.
I was so week that many time I would defecate on the bed and hospital staff would have to wash my bed. Anything like this never happened all my life before. Every second or third day I would be taken to operation theatre and I still vividly recall that they would place a wooden wedge between the teeth so that I would not cut my own tongue between the teeth when they would give electric shocks and then they would give me anesthesia and I would feel my body getting numb from lower to upper side with the blood flow within about a second. Many times I would defecate on the bed and the bed would be washed by the hospital staff.
Doctor never discussed anything about it or told me what he was doing. I used to ask my mother I was perfectly fine and nothing of the sort was ever needed but my family continued to force medication. I was allowed to go home with very heavy medication after two weeks of detention and electric shocks and I continued to visit Doctor M***** after every two weeks. Doctor M***** never talked to me about any psychiatric problems. He would put a headphone like device with wire winded on it and would ask my mother, "How is your son." Doctor M***** kept me on heavy medication for three years. I was always told that you were not taking interest in your work and that is why you needed to be treated and this treatment lasted for three years.
When I left United States, I had completed my course work but I still had to complete my thesis. It was very difficult for me to work on my thesis on such heavy medication but I slowly continued since I had done most work before I had left for Hong Kong. When my medication decreased, I could work better. My thesis was very good and author of a mathematical finance book had asked me that he would make me co-author if I could contribute my programs and code for his book. I did give some code for free and it was published in his book. I also made a website Libor Market Model web where some free code was given for download. There were more than ten unique visits to that web site per day for many years and a lot of people downloaded code and papers by others and my thesis. This started in year 2002.
There is a post # 324 with reference to dishonest psychiatry by Dr. M***** written on April 20th, 2015, 10:37 am,
After I completed my thesis and while I was still in Kot Addu, I found a job with a Tokyo based Japanese company,U****, from Pakistan since they liked my work and asked me to write professional programs for derivative pricing and hedging. It was my first job. I moved to Lahore again form Kot Addu and rented a good sized apartment and continued to work. I would talk to my employer regularly and discuss various aspects of the computational programs I developed.
Slowly my family also started moving to my apartment.
My work was going very well but my family started to insist again that I needed to see a psychiatrist. My brother, my father and my mother had already shifted to that apartment.
Once day my father who was already living in my apartment asked me to talk to him in the living room in my apartment right in front of the air-conditioner.  I was having conversation with him but there was so much gas in the air that I started to feel extremely uneasy. I left the conversation and just rushed out of my apartment and started to drive my car that was parked outside. But I had inhaled enough gas. After less than a minute of driving, I was extremely dizzy. I stopped driving and parked my car to one side of the road. After a bit I lost almost all consciousness. What was more disturbing that I could not see anything. Light just went out of my eyes. I just struggled but I had enough consciousness as probably some parts in my brain retained enough function and I extended my hands to the side-seat where there was a sweet drink and put it to my mouth and after a few minutes I was better and started to see again and regained some consciousness. After a bit I had some more food and I felt better. Though I became quite well after some time, I was very frightened to go back to my apartment and I decided to drive to Islamabad so that I could be away from my family and from the gases in my apartment.
I remained in Islamabad for only two days and my family assured me on phone that they would be very nice so I decided to return to Lahore. I was driving back to Lahore when my sister called 
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 29th, 2020, 8:09 pm

me and asked me to pay her a visit on the way back to Lahore as her husband who was in army was stationed in a city close to GT Road. I decided to go to stay in my sister’s home for one night on the way back to Lahore. My stay in my sister’s home was quite good but in the morning they gave me some food drugged with mind control chemicals. Still everything was good and I left my sister’s house to drive towards Lahore again. I had just driven a few miles out of the city when my nostrils would tend to close and I would have serious difficulty breathing. I was totally aghast what was happening but nothing would help. I was able to call my brother-in-law to tell him that I was a few miles from the city and needed help. My condition continued to worsen and my tongue totally came out of my mouth and I simply could not force my tongue back into my mouth. My brother-in-law reached there after twenty minutes and my tongue was still completely held outside my mouth. He asked me to sit in his jeep and drove me back to his home and my tongue was still completely forced outside of my mouth. After about twenty minutes in their home, my brother-in-law gave me a pill and my tongue became normal and went inside my mouth. 
Something like this had never happened all my life before. I never had any mild fit all my life. When mind control chemicals are mixed in food, brain and body of the victim can be altered in many extreme ways. It is ultimate insult for any human being to have been forced into a situation with total disgrace before others. Such things are hard for people to believe, but once our food is drugged and their desired chemicals go into the brain they can have any degree of control on our brain and movements. This is sheer science though people who do not experience such things just do not know easily believe such facts.
Though I had become better, my brother-in-law called my father and asked him to come to his house to take me back to Lahore. 
There used to be some strong gas in air-conditioners in my apartment and I clearly recall that my mental state will alter when I would be exposed to the air coming out of the air-conditioners. I would perfectly maintain my sanity and logic but some of the other things like sound of my voice would alter all of a sudden as soon as I would be exposed to air coming out of the air-conditioners.
Start of Psychiatric Abuse by Dr. S**** B****
My family continued to stay with me in my apartment while I worked for my employer in Japan. One day, I was sitting on driver seat in my car and I heard a very prolonged hissing sound going into my ears that lasted for 40-50 seconds. I realized that they probably use waves that go into the brain from the ears since ears have direct opening into the brain. To make it slightly difficult for the waves to go into the brain, I put some cotton in my ears.
This is out of chronological order but in later years when I would put cotton in my ears to decrease precision in EM waves frequencies going through my ears into the brain, it would really help and when I would remove cotton, my eye sight would deteriorate dramatically but they would use very high frequency waves to charge the cotton and sometimes there would be minor seepage of blood from my ears due to high frequency waves and I would literally hear a pulsating sound in my ears as they would charge the cotton in my ears.
Next morning when I woke up after putting cotton in my ears, four people entered my room and asked that I had to visit a psychiatrist with them. In the facility, I was given an injection, my medication started and the psychiatrist S*** B**** saw me after two days. Psychiatrist put me on very heavy medication again despite that I was getting a very good salary and my reasoning and communication skills were perfectly good.
Doctor S**** B***** continued to give me a high dose of antipsychotics for several months.
I will digress and recall that during my detention, there was another guy detained in Dr. S*** B****’s facility who had completed his higher education in London. He was a thoroughly decent guy and we spoke a few times. He told me of some incidents about speaking at some international conferences. My mother was friends with his family and my mother told me about the guy that he did not like to eat from his home but kept eating at his uncle’s home and his family had detained him with Dr. S**** B****. He was an extremely nice and very soft-spoken guy and his every move showed decency but he was kept in detention as long as I remained in the hospital.    
Coming back to my persecution, I was perfectly sane at that time with a sound logic and a well-paid job with a foreign company that was going well. Only anomaly in my behavior was that I would prefer to eat outside and usually not eat with my family. But when high dosage of normal antipsychotics did not work, in order to retard me, Doctor S**** B***** employed a procedure that is not known in psychiatric practice in any country. Dr. S**** B**** would give me some drugs in a glucose drip every two/three days in the operation theater. When I would be given the glucose drip, and I would gradually start to lose consciousness and when half of the drip bottle would have gone into my blood, I would literally be unconscious and I would later be taken unconscious to my hospital bed by the hospital staff and I would wake up several hours later on the bed in my hospital room and I would be extremely weak. I would shudder from horror as the day of this treatment would come closer and continued to beg psychiatrist S**** B***** to stop this treatment. Dr. S**** B**** would say that he was giving me vitamins and vitamins were always harmless. He insisted that vitamins had to be given to me. He never told me what drugs he gave me that made me unconscious and never discussed it with me other than mentioning vitamins. Dr. S**** B**** continued to perform this procedure for several weeks after every second or third day.
Doctor S**** B***** continued to give me all the drugs without my knowledge and without discussing with me. He would give me capsules filled with some powder and the staff would say that they had added all the ground tablets required for my treatment in the capsules. Please note that this happened in year 2003 and the now prevalent practice of adding mind control chemicals in the medicine by pharmaceutical companies had not started. Add to it the obviously dishonest nature of Dr. Saad Bashir’s psychiatric practice, I am very sure that reason behind giving ground medicine in the capsules was that chemicals to retard the brain were being added in the drugs and pharmaceutical companies, at that time, would not engage in this practice.
Another noteworthy thing that happened during the years 2003-4 was that mind control agents use gases to charge the skull, ears, cheekbones and all areas surrounding the brain and then use EM waves and I recall that sometimes my skull would be so charged that I would have intense and sheer pain in my forehead, skull, cheekbones and ears and it would become an extreme torture only to pass time. Though Mind control agents continued to use gases all the time over past twenty years, torture and pain was very extreme in the years 2003-2004.
Appropriate reference is Post 812 written on May 11th, 2018, 9:25 pm
My company asked me to come to Tokyo and did the necessary paperwork and I flew to Tokyo to join U**** on 21 March, 2005. In fact when I went to Japan, I was very excited that I would work very hard and advance my career and I was not worried that brain control would ever follow me in Japan. I would think that Japan was the safest and most peaceful country in the world.
They had previously used gases against me in Hong Kong in months of Oct-Nov 2000. But the worst use of gases was done by inhuman and barbaric Japanese secret services in 2005. Japanese secret services were very cold and cruel in torturing me. My company had already rented a small apartment for me in Roppongi, Tokyo but I could properly sleep there for only two nights. I would have sheer sickness at night and many times I would literally shout from sheer pain and beg for mercy but the gases would continue. I could not sleep at night and some time I would literally choke again and again due to gas in my apartment. After living at my apartment for a week, I started to live at different hotels where hospitality of Japanese secret services again treated me with gases. All hotels would deny me a place to live and I would keep moving around with my luggage to look for some other hotel which would be chosen to treat me with gases that would make me sick. Sometimes, I would leave my luggage at the hotel and continue to walk randomly on the streets all through the night only to avoid gases. After a month of extreme persecution in Tokyo with gases and drugs in food, I decided to resign and come back to Pakistan.
When I came back to Kot Addu, Pakistan, I had lived at our house for only one day and, the next day, my father, mother and another guy took control of me and gave me an injection, I fainted and I woke up at the basement of Doctor S*** B****'s facility in Lahore. Dr. S**** B**** again put me on very heavy medication and injections. I was detained in the hospital for several months.
My family bought a house in Johar Town, Lahore and I moved to that house when I was freed from detention after several months. I continued my research and when I developed some cutting edge programs for calibration and simulation of exotic interest rate derivatives in Libor Market Model, U* F****., again offered me to restart developing programs for them.
Some people might ask that if psychiatrists wanted to retard me how could I continue to do cutting edge research? I used to have good speech and communication skills but, due to dishonest psychiatric treatment, my speech and communication skills had become extremely stunted. My walk had become very awkward. And my weight increased dramatically. I could barely do any physical activity. I used to jog for more than ten kilometers every day during my last year at Northwestern and later resumed that in random months in New York University. It would be very difficult but I continued jogging with sheer effort while I was being treated by Dr. S**** B**** since I loved jogging but I would be able to jog slowly only for 10-15 minutes and I would be panting so hard that other people in the park would distinctly notice me and wonder why I was trying to jog if I really could not do that. Though a lot of physical and other activity became very stunted, some of the intellectual activity regarding mathematics was due to neurotransmitters that could not be affected by mind control drugs and antipsychotics and I continued to do good computer programming and mathematics. And despite that my speech was stunted, my logic and reasoning remained very sound.
Meanwhile Doctor S**** B***** continued to give me very heavy medication. I started to get a salary of more than 5500 dollars per month and supported my mother and brother again and I incurred all their expenses. My father also borrowed more than sixty thousand dollars from me. I continued to ask Doctor S*** B*** that my work was going well, and I was doing everything very sensibly so he should decrease the medication but he refused. I still recall that at one stage in 2009, I was given two antipsychotic injections per week.
Though I was a very nice and sensible person, Dr. S**** B**** who was playing in the hands of military, would naively ask me why would Army ever bother to hurt me and would tell me that this was a very dangerous disease and had to be treated very carefully by him. He would also tell me that he had already treated hundreds of patients like that and he was an expert at cure of this disease.
I was earning handsome money of more than 7,500 USD per month and I did not want to live with my family in Lahore so I left the city and drove to Karachi by car in Feb, 2009. I drove to Karachi on my car. On arrival in Karachi my ATM card was disabled. I did have the check books with me so I continued to withdraw money. Police seriously continued to harass me in Karachi.
It was probably my second or third night in Karachi when I was driving in my car and five or six police personnel approached me and asked me that they needed to verify my identity. I showed them my NIC and passport. But they asked that they wanted someone else to verify that I was a person with good character. I had few friends at that time and I absolutely did not want to call my family in front of police. Police already knew that it would be very difficult for me to ask someone to verify my good character. But I recalled, a few months ago, I had met a good class fellow of old times in university of engineering and technology and we had exchanged phone numbers. I called my old classmate and explained my situation and my classmate told police that I was indeed a very nice person and they should let me leave. My class fellow also gave references to a top police officer in some district in Punjab who was my classmate’s friend. But Police was very upset once my old class mate assured police of my good character, the police staff snatched my cell phone and called my family on their own. My brother picked the phone and told police that I did things right, spoke well and looked good but I was actually sick. Police told my brother that they could detain me and my family could come and take possession of me. All of this was a pre-arranged drama. Later police changed thought and threatened me to give them 15,000 rupees. I had enough money so I gave them the money and they left. I think people had realized that I could not pose any serious resistance to corrupt police staff and 
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 29th, 2020, 8:37 pm

police staff were asked to let me go of me so they could tackle me later more appropriately with Pakistan Navy intelligence.
The next day, I was driving close to Clifton beach when a police car approached me and they took me to Clifton police station on 23rd of February 2009 (I found this date in my old email records but it might be a few days off). Police checked my car that I had bought with my own money and said that two front seat belts of my car carried different manufacturing dates so "your car must be stolen and we have to verify about it" and reported me to their boss. I asked them to go ahead and also requested the police officer that police had repeatedly asked me the same thing that my car must be stolen in past two days so once he had verified about it, he should write me a written statement so I can just show it to police everywhere once they would stop me in the future. Police officer agreed to that and asked me to wait in the other room. I waited there for about half an hour and the officer came again and violently slapped me several times. He said," You are over-educated and you think of yourself as something." I was surprised since I had not told him anything personal at all. I was seriously humiliated but obviously I could not do anything at all. I waited another hour sitting next to locker room of the police station. After some time, Navy personnel came in three jeeps to the police station and asked me to accompany them. I was taken to Navy secret service compound of PNS Nigran (Navy) in Karachi where they locked me in the Navy jail. The next morning, I was taken to an open compound next to Navy Buildings and I was circled by more than ten people who wanted to give me injections by force. I seriously tried to resist but they continued to ask me to take injections. They were human enough to not beat me for that. I asked again and again that they were not even telling me what the injection was and "you are forcing me to take it" but they continued to decrease the diameter of circle around me and finally forcefully injected me. After forcing several injections on me, they took me to another room and said we know that you are involved in Bombay bombings. We have every proof of that and we will have to keep you in jail. The only way you can live out of jail is to go back to Lahore and never come to Karachi again. They called my relatives and I was taken to Lahore and became property of my family again.
One reference that I wrote on internet several years ago is post # 283 written on March 27th, 2015, 4:28 am
I was forcefully sent back to Lahore. My family received me at the Airport and dropped me at  Doctor S*** B***’s facility  where I remained in forced confinement for more than three months and drugs were forced on me and two injections were given daily.
When my brother died, I argued with my family that I was perfectly sane and I must be allowed to live a life without medication. My family agreed but said that they would give me drugs only for another six more months. My sister asked Dr. S*** B**** to increase the number of antipsychotic injections from two per month to three per months.
When My family thought that Dr. S**** B**** is not succeeding in retarding me, they took me to another psychiatrist Dr. F**** M**** in Rawalpinid. Dr. F*** M**** gave me extreme medication and I would sleep for thirteen hours everyday. I argued with the doctor that I was perfectly fine and these drugs would not let me work well and I remain mentally suppressed due to their effect but he continued. He said that I had good schizophrenia that I could work normally and make a handsome income (8500 dollars per month) and I could think rationally but I still had to be treated. But it is difficult to understand why he needed to give me so huge antipsychotics when I was doing everything perfectly normally.
I applied for Tier one Visa for UK which is given to highly skilled foreigners and I received Tier on visa.
I went to UK on September 28, 2010. I was able to secure a Tier one visa given to foreign professionals who can legally work in UK. I was seriously looking forward to living in UK since I seriously believed in the great human rights record of people in UK and I expected that my mind control persecution would end once I start living in Britain.
First few weeks in UK were better and I would spend a lot of time visiting different parts of London. I also applied to some financial firms and banks to find a job in UK and contacted a lot of headhunters. I also completed a research paper that I posted on SSRN on 8 Nov 2010 and this paper became the top downloaded paper in several SSRN categories and was later published in a premier Risk Book titled, “Interest Rate Modeling after the Financial Crisis”
But in early November British secret services started to add mind control chemicals in the food and it started to become more and more difficult to get good water and beverages. In very early days, I did not write anything on internet forums but when British secret services started to boldly drug food, I decided to mention my persecution on internet forums and LinkedIn groups in order to appeal to humanity and sympathy of British people. I also thought that writing about acts of British intelligence and police on public internet forums would deter them from violating my human rights and it would be more difficult for them to take any inhuman and unlawful actions against me. I continued to post major events of my human rights violations on internet whenever those incidents happened. I was a member of “Wilmott Qunatitative Finance Community” since 2002 and I used to actively participate in discussions on this forum and therefore I posted all events of my human rights abuse on this forum whenever they took place. I will cite my forum posts before Human Rights Watch since they were written over the years to find help from British and American readers and I continued to post the events related to state coercion and human rights abuse from military and secret services of various countries.
I had rented an apartment close to Central London with the address: Flat 1, No 20, Avonmore Road, W14, West Kensington, my tenancy dates on the agreement with my landlord were 22/10/10 - 21/04/11 and I had paid a rent of 8060 pounds for all this duration at the start of the tenancy. Email of my landlord’s company was  ****.
I will start with mentioning the abuses that started when I moved into the apartment. Sometimes, in my apartment, I would wrap an aluminum foil around my head. One day, they used directed energy on my head and there was a large black mark on my forehead. My apartment landlord had his office right below my apartment and I went to his office to discuss something and when he saw the black mark on my forehead, he literally asked me if I had an accident.
 Here is the relevant post I made on Wilmott forum on Thursday Dec 16, 2010 09:11 PM
“Sometimes in my apartment, I would put on aluminium shield to protect myself from neuro-electromagnetic weapons. I would be asked by Voice to skull to take off the shield. I would refuse but then they would use directed energy on my head and I would shout with sheer unbearable pain and I would have to take off the shield. It is hard to describe the intensity of pain in words. There would be large wounds on my forehead due to this torture and people literally asked me if I had an accident. I can give names of people who noticed that and asked if I had an accident in London.”
By this time British secret services had already started to add mind control chemicals at food and beverage stores around central London. I tried to reach out to people in UK and distributed some material describing that I was a very nice and totally innocent human being who was being persecuted because of his talent. I also approached large stores in the area associated with major store chains and personally tried to discuss the matter with managers of the stores requesting them to not cooperate with secret services in drugging the food and beverages in the area.
This is an excerpt from the post I made on Wilmott forum on Wednesday Dec 15, 2010 07:50 pm.
“UK secret Services use special chemicals that go into food of everybody but are totally inert and harmless to people unless ionized by electromagnetic waves. The body of victims of neuro-electromagnetic weapons is kept charged by electromagnetic waves and these chemicals are used to alter the victim's brain. Again these chemicals are mixed in food of everybody to target some specific individuals. This may be hard for gullible people to believe but this is sheer science and utmost effort is made to keep this science secret from public so that nobody ever believes such activities. This makes victims who speak target of ridicule by gullible public. Especially the food stores on Cromwell Street , Earl's Court, Gloucester Street, High Street Kensington, North End road and West Kensington in London are hugely involved in this activity of my persecution though other stores are also a part of it to a lesser extent. This is also happening in areas close to circle line and district line. If you investigate food places in those areas especially or in some other areas of London, you will know the truth for sure. Any honest inquiry can easily bring out the truth. In fact you do not even need an inquiry, if you know some people well who work at food places in these or other adjoining areas in London, simply ask them and they would let you know that drugs are mixed in food of everybody. This is called mercilessly cornering an individual. Victim will have to eat somewhere. Large food chains like T***, S***, M*** , and C***  stores in above mentioned and adjoining areas are also doing it and any "insider" will, for sure, tell you the truth. Even if you do not help to protect me, it will be good for you to know that agencies in your nation are involved in such mean, inhuman and hideous activities to corner, target and alter the brains of some specific individuals. If you work at a food place in London and secret services have approached you to drug the food, I am openly telling you that I am the target. This is happening at a huge scale. Neuro-electromagnetic weapons are weapons used to control, alter or damage the brains using electromagnetic waves, microwaves or ULF waves. The target is given food with chemicals that go into his brain. Some chemicals alter the brain systematically and some other ionize the brain.”
When it became very difficult to get good water and beverages in London, I thought that I should simply travel and go to other cities and where British secret services had not drugged the food. I thought that I would enjoy traveling, sightseeing and will also get good food and water at the same time. Since it became very difficult for British secret services to add mind control chemicals in water and beverages everywhere, they resorted to using British police to harass me. British secret services actually wanted to somehow detain me so that they could freely give me mind control chemicals in detention. I am quoting two incidents harassment by British police in New Castle upon Tyne and Aviemore Ski resort in the following post.
Here is the relevant post I made on Wilmott forum on Thursday January 06, 2011 11:02 PM (Page 4).
“I am being a constant target of harassment by British Police. Since I do brute force randomization to get good food and UK secret services are not being successful, they are using police to intimidate me.
During Christmas break, I went to Newcastle upon Tyne. I was just visiting the city and had two bag packs with me. At one intersection, I was just having food and I left my bag packs about a yard away stacked one on the other. I really trust people and I could not imagine that in UK anybody would get off with my bag. Just a few minutes later, I turned my back and found that one bag was missing while the other was still there. I really would not have cared about the bag but my passport was in it so I went to police station to make a police report. When I reached the station, the Police told me that somebody had called and found a missing bag. I was very happy but I could not understand why the person only got off with only one bag of the two and did not even ask me while I was standing just a yard away and why the other bag was not declared missing property. But I was alarmed when police seriously started interviewing me and asking about my mental health out of the blue. They kept me at the station for more than two hours and I had to argue with them for a long time to let me go. Another thing I noticed later that I had a copy of printed C++ code for calibration of SVJD models in the bag but it was missing when they handed me the bag.
Today, I am in Aviemore and went to ski resort there. I am staying at the M***** hotel and when I arrived here, I made a request to hotel administration that UK secret services are persecuting me and asked not to cooperate with them. I had an advanced reservation with the hotel and had also written an email telling about my persecution. I told them that I tell about my issue to every human being but since it is a matter of more direct concern, I am requesting to understand my point of view and respect my human rights. The reception was very cooperative and said they would care about it.
After a bit, I reached the Ski resort and was buying gloves at the shop there that two police officers approached me and called me by name. First they asked me that I was not in proper Skiing clothes so they want to know what I was doing there. Then they said they are concerned about my safety that it is very cold. I really told them that it is none of their concern. Then they said somebody had complained about me and they are investigating upon anonymous request and they have to carry out their duties. I asked them that they can search me and fulfill their duty. They changed stance again and said that I had written a threatening email to the hotel administration and they have asked police that I could harm them. Police asked me to go with them to police station. I argued with them for a long time that I cannot even imagine to harm anyone and they are mistaken. Then police started saying you have paranoia and according to Scottish laws, we could arrest you and force to appear before a psychiatrist. For more than half an hour I made my point across that this is religious persecution and they really should not get into that otherwise they could be in problem. After about one hour they let me go free. When I reached the hotel back from the resort, I asked the hotel administration about whether they reported to police and they categorically stated that they did not make any phone call to police.
Here is my email to hotel administration.
I have made a confirmed reservation with your hotel. My Name is Ahsan Amin with reservation number XXXXX. I am afraid that UK secret services might approach your hotel to set up equipment for Neuro Electromagnetic Weapons. I am totally innocent and would request you to not cooperate with them.
Here you can read about why they are persecuting me. ... TARTPAGE=1
Please, I would request you to safeguard my human rights.
Kind regards,
Ahsan Amin"”
Later British Police entered my hotel room in “T*****” at night when I was sleeping and added mind control chemicals to water I had on me in my hotel room. When I woke up in the 
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 29th, 2020, 9:09 pm

morning I realized that small table and chair I had placed in front of door had moved a meter away. Later T*** management called police and several other people there complained that it was a very unacceptable behavior by the hotel management.
Here is the relevant post I made on Wilmott forum on Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:01 PM (Page 6)
“I stayed at T**  on Friday night. I made the same request to hotel reception that they should not cooperate with UK secret services. They gave me the email of the hotel manager where I forwarded my Wilmott post address.
I had some food and water bottles with me in the hotel room. I placed a chair and dustbin before the closed door of my room before sleeping at night. I always make sure that nobody enters my room at night when I am sleeping since I have had such experiences before in Pakistan where people entered my hotel room at night. It is very hard to trust simple locks that can be opened from outside.
Sometime in the middle of night, I woke up and took some water. My veins in the head started to pump and I suspected there was something in the water since that is what happens when I get tainted food and water. Since I was confident my water was good I just shrugged the idea that my water could have any chemical for NEM control and slept again. But when I woke up in the morning I felt really tired and called the hotel reception that I wanted to stay for one more night. The reception agreed and said all I had to do was make payment and it would be all set.
I changed clothes and when I was leaving the room to go down to reception, I was shocked to see that the chair and dustbin I had placed before the door had moved half a metre in front of the door. I realized that somebody had entered the room when I was sleeping. I went down and complained to the reception but they said there is no possibility of anybody from the hotel entering the room. I told them that I had written an email to hotel manager but they replied that the manager is on vacation and could not read my email. I am not someone who fights anyone so I just left the hotel.
I sat at a Starbucks nearby and surfed internet for half an hour. I wanted to go to some other hotel but I felt really tired. I just decided that I would go back to T**** and ask them to give me a room but do not repeat the experience of somebody entering my room again. I knew they had no personal animosity towards me and it could have happened at any hotel on insistence of UK secret services. I just went back to T*** and requested them to let me stay for one more night. They said we have no space anymore. I logged on to internet on my laptop in the hotel lobby and checked if I could get into some other hotel. I noticed that T*** had rooms available. I just went ahead and made a reservation and requested them to let me into a room. The reception told me that I had to wait because they had not received the room reservation in their system. I just took a seat in the lobby next to reception. Few minutes later, somebody from the hotel administration approached me and asked me to leave the hotel premises. I was seriously shocked but I really do not like to argue and I left without saying a single word. There were two policemen standing there and since I had two encounters with police in previous three days, I asked them myself whether they were looking for me. Police replied in affirmative. Police started to interview me and asked me if I had written any email to hotel administration. I told them that I had given them the web address of discussion on Wilmott where I had told other people about my persecution and explained the reasons behind it and I told them that it is a very respectable forum. Police quizzed me about half an hour and finally asked me to never write any email to any hotel and said they become alarmed so please do not tell anyone about it. I really felt that it was an attempt to not let me share the reasons of my persecution and experiences with others so they could continue to do the same. There were some other people who noticed what was happening and commented that it was totally unacceptable action from the hotel.”
Since British Police was harassing me regularly and many times they would try to talk about my persecution and try to get hold of the documents that I was distributing among British people to ask for help and I had to argue very hard that I was mentally sane. Once I realized that carrying documents that protest against human rights abuse by British Secret services would create a greater problem, I became extremely careful to not carry any such material on me to avoid getting into trouble but when I left my hotel room, they placed documents related to my persecution in my laptop bag.
I made a post regarding this activity on Wilmott on Tuesday Jan 18, 11 03:50 PM (Page 7)
“I want to leave UK in a few weeks so I am really traveling a lot. I know surveillence devices are installed on my computer but I really have to live with it for now. When I travel, I make sure that I carry no reference to my persecution by secret services, since police stopped me three times in past two weeks, searched me, read my private material and referred to printed letter I was carrying about my persecution and said I was paranoid and they could force me into a hospital. I really thwarted them with long arguments and reasoning but was afraid they would actually do that by force though I doubt they have legal power to do that. This week when I traveled, I made sure that I carry no reference to my persecution and tell no hotel my story for the fear of getting into trouble with police. I left my laptop at a hotel, and when I came back and searched for some documents I was surprised to know that it carried a letter that described my persecution. I was very surprised, since when I left London, I had made sure very seriously that I carry no reference to my persecution on me. I really think that it was planted to plan for my next encounter with police so UK secret services could give me drugs they tried to force on me using other ways in food.
I carry a large backpack with me for travel. My backpack needed repair on one side and one of its strip used to fasten it was broken. Several times in my apartment, I thought I would mend it but could not muster enough effort to do that. My backpack had just one of the two fastening strips. I noticed on my travel that the strip was just like brand new and I realized somebody had changed my backpack.”
I had written emails to human right lawyers for help since food in London and adjoining areas was thoroughly drugged. Since British secret services were doing this, they did not want any human rights lawyer to hear my true story. Because food in London was thoroughly drugged by British secret services, British secret services simply made sure I could not contact any human rights lawyer on my own. I was told that I could not see a lawyer directly and the way it worked in UK was that I had to go to a solicitor and he would assign me to a law firm which basically meant that they wanted me to see a lawyer of their own choice. I was first allowed to walk into compound where most of the law firms in London are housed (I forgot the name of the compound) after complete security checks at the main gate and everybody was simply walking into the compound with regular security checks. And when I reached the entrance of a Law firm and introduced myself another guy came from behind and told me that he was a security guard at the compound and asked me to leave the compound. I tried to reason with the guard that he could search me again and even if he needed to be careful, he could accompany me inside the office of law firms but he again refused to let me talk to staff in the Law firm and told me that he would call police if I refused to leave. And I had to leave since I wanted to avoid trouble. I knew police was already harassing me and any simple excuse might be enough to detain me.
I made the following post on Wilmott forum regarding this activity of British Secret Services on Tue Jan 25, 2011 02:04 PM (Page 10)
“I wrote emails to about thirty human rights lawyers a few days ago but did not receive a single reply. I was suspect my emails are blocked so I decided to head there myself and talk about my religious persecution. When I reached the compound where chambers were located, and walked into one of the offices, I was forced out by security saying I cannot walk into the chambers directly and it is against the law and I have to talk to a solicitor and he will direct me to a particular chamber and that chamber will pursue my case. I argued that on their web site chambers have mentioned people could personally contact them but the guard was seriously belligerent and forced me out. My voice is subdued by force and coercion.
I am going to stand before the Royal Court of Justice and distribute leaflets about my persecution.”
When I was asked to leave the compound where most of the law firms were housed, later in the day, I went to Law firm offices on Fleet Street but in every office where I would enter, I would be approached by a guy before reaching reception who would ask me to email or post a letter to the firm saying that they did not want to receive any written papers in person from me. 
Here is a relevant post I made on Wilmott Forum on Tue Jan 25, 11 04:43 PM (Page 10).
“Instead of entering the compounds where various law chambers are located, I walked into some offices on the Fleet Street. At all the offices I would not be greeted by reception but some person would approach me and ask me why I was there. When I would tell that I want to drop a letter, they would ask me to leave and say they would never accept a letter for the chamber from me in person and I had to post it. I would argue that my mails and correspondence is being blocked and I would just want to request the relevant people in chamber to have a look at it whenever they have time and see if they could help. The person would ask me to leave and threaten to call the police. What is interesting that I would not be allowed to reach the reception. It is country of UK people and their secret services know how to manipulate them. I really have nothing against people in UK and I like them but my voice is stifled before I reach out to them.”
Here is another post I made regarding the same incident of stopping me from meeting with human rights lawyers. I posted in on Wilmott forum on Thu Mar 03, 2011 09:22 AM (Page 14)
“Of course, persecution is done by Secret services of your country and several of you get annoyed when I speak about it. You start showing magic of your wonderful writing techniques and so called very sympathetic advice so that you could defend them and show the world I am lying. Time and again, I have repeatedly said that I really do not have anything against people of UK and like them as I like people of other countries but secret services who commit heinous crimes by persecuting innocents must be reprimanded.
Hayes it was yourself who said that I could not talk to Human rights lawyers. I repeat again that when I went to distribute and consult several human rights lawyers, I was asked by security to leave the building by force and never show up there again. The place was very open to general public and everybody save myself was openly going there. I requested security, they could do my body check or they could even accompany me after that wherever I go, but they simply refused to let me talk to human rights lawyers and kicked me out of the building. Now, in a supposedly free country, I cannot even talk to human rights lawyers and you also continue to defend that. That clearly shows you are just bent upon making some arguments telling people I have some kind of a disease. It serves your purpose very well. So keep on churning out such arguments.”
When I decided to go to a third country other than Pakistan and Britain to avoid my persecution, British forced Chinese embassy to ask me to go back to Pakistan to get Chinese Visa despite that I was a legal resident in Britain on HSMP visa and a prospective business partner (who is now director of a technology center in Tsinghua university) had arranged all visa documents required to get Chines business visa. In fact, I went to the visa agency twice and in the first visit they had told me that I could not get Chinese visa since invitation letter was not authorized by local bodies in China and I should get that authorization. When my prospective Chinese partner sent me a new letter with Chines local government Bodies approval, Visa center plainly refused to give me visa and told me that I should instead get visa from Pakistan. Secret Services knew that once I would go to China, it would be almost impossible for secret services to use mind control technologies and add mind control drugs indiscriminately to violate my human rights.
I wrote next first post after the second visit. I had not previously mentioned on internet about first visit to Chinese Visa agency and the second post that follows clears the context that they had asked for Chinese local government authorization which I had provided in the second visit.
Here is the first relevant post I made on Wilmott Forum Mon Jan 31, 2011 03:15 AM (Page 11)
“I wanted to go to to China so I approached China visa centre but I was told by the visa centre that I must apply from Pakistan. I told them that I am a work permit holder in UK and according to Chinese embassy web site, I could apply in London for Chinese visa but agency that manages Chinese visas said they could not help me. I requested them to write it for me about this rule but they refused. I am being stopped by CIA to go to any third country of my choice now. They just want me to go to Pakistan where I will be property of my father with connivance of Pakistan Army and drugs will be forced into me everyday. Laws are being changed to manipulate me forever.”
Here is the second relevant post I made regarding Chinese visa on Wilmott Forum Tue Feb 08, 11 04:18 PM (Page 11)
“As I mentioned in an earlier post that agency that manages Chinese visa refused to let me apply for a visit visa to China. At that time, they mentioned that I could apply for business visa. Probably they thought I would not be able to satisfy the requirements for a business visa. I got a Chinese HPC computing firm to agree to use my simulation algorithms with GPU computing. I applied for business visit visa at London visa centre. The agency that manages Chinese visa applications told me that I could not use a simple invitation letter written by a Chinese firm and it has to be approved by Chinese local government body. They mentioned that it is the rule for Pakistani nationals applying for visa from London. I mentioned again that their web site said that I could apply for business visit visa with only an invitation of a Chinese firm. The agency officials said that only UK nationals can apply for work visa based on a simple invitation letter without approval from local Chinese government. Again they stubbornly refused to give me anything in writing about it.”
When I posted some material about my persecution on A**** I****, London and tried to tell human rights conscious people in UK about widespread adding of mind control chemicals in food and water by British Secret Services, my post was removed and I was banned from the group.
Here is the relevant post I made on wilmott forum regarding this incident on Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:16 AM (Page 13)
“I tried to post on "A**** I**** - working to protect human rights worldwide" My post was removed and I was banned from the group. However Amnesty International Nederland Group accepted my post and it is already there.
Here is the post on Amnesty international Nederland.
Read About Muslim Financial Engineer's Religious Persecution in United Kingdom
I have attached a link to original blog but some more details about my persecution can be read here ... san/gGMbFC
You can read other entries of my blog here
Attachment: Please help stop my religious persecution
I tried to make the same post at another A**** Group "A**** I**** - working to protect human rights worldwide" My post was removed and I was banned from the group. I saw discussions there about human rights abuses in Iran, Sudan, Libya and other third world countries. When we speak about religious persecution in UK and western countries, our posts are removed and our voice is stifled.
Here is an email I sent to administrator of that group.
Hi ****,
I made a post on A**** I**** Forum where people speak about human rights and related injustices. I noticed that I have been removed from the group and cannot make any more posts there. I really think that it is a matter of very serious human rights abuse. Is your forum only to speak about injustices in third world and when western countries are at forefront of persecution, you remove us from your group. Again I would request you to make my post public and include me in the group.
I look forward to hearing from you.
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 29th, 2020, 9:51 pm

Kind regards,
Ahsan Amin
The Administrator of the group sent me several SMS in response to my phone calls before I made the post. But my emails and phone calls went unanswered after my post was removed.”
I was trying to get help from people in authority and wanted to reach out to them and give them an idea that my persecution should really be stopped but my emails were stopped and some members of parliament even refused to see me because of manipulation from British secret services. British secret services wanted to stop me from meeting the members of British Parliament because they had engaged in the activity of adding mind control drugs on a huge scale and they knew that some of the MPs will create huge problems for them if they get to know the truth. 
Here is a relevant post I made on Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:09 PM (Page 15)
“In early December, I approached all MPs of UK about my persecution. I wrote emails to all MPs and lords about my persecution in UK. To date, I am not sure whether any of them ever received my emails.
Since I believed strongly in my innocence and also that my human rights have been violated due to racist reasons, I was sure some of them would respond. I mentioned that it is a matter of serious human rights abuse in UK. I also said that I would be willing to answer all queries they could have and explain my case in person if they want to investigate.
I also called my local MP A***  S**** several times to get an appointment to discuss my case but his office repeatedly refused to give me time to meet him and always said they would call back when they would have time. I gave up after several months.
I believed, I should get my rights as a human and as a good Muslim so I approached all MPs but since I am a Pakistani Muslim, I thought MPs of Pakistani descent might be more sympathetic to my case. I went to office of S*** W**** and gave her office my letter explaining details of my persecution and asking for help. I asked her office that I would drop by again the next day and see if she could give me some time to explain what has happened to me. When I reached the office the next day, the people at the office refused to meet me. I tried to call her office a bit later and the staff responded very nicely but asked me to call a bit later. When I called again after half an hour, a guy "H***" picked up the phone but was very very rude and hung up the phone on me in middle of the conversation.
Nicest of all MPs was S*** K****. I met him personally but he said he could not help me since this was not a case in his constituency but wrote a letter on my behalf to A** S** and asked him to help me. MP of my area still was not willing to see me.
I also went to Parliament building to see if I could meet some MPs of London in their offices but when I reached there, I was told that I could not be given permission to meet any of the MPs. When I asked for the reason, I was told "It is very cold today" and you should come tomorrow while other visitors were freely going into the building. Of course, I did not want to get into trouble with police in front of house of parliament because it could have serious consequences for me so I left without making any long arguments.”
I was travelling all across UK and British secret services were trying their best to add mind control chemicals in their effort to retard me but it was extremely difficult for them to add mind control chemicals in food, water and beverages all across UK. I had just enough money and I was spending it fast in the hope that I could survive with a healthy brain and later go to some other country. British secret service therefore wanted to bleed my money to make it difficult to survive for a very long time and therefore they arranged for L*** Bank in UK and Muslim Commercial Bank in Pakistan to fraudulently take my money. These are both very prestigious bank and obviously they would have no desire to steal a few thousand pounds but they were under very strong pressure from British secret services in UK and military in Pakistan. Only problem was that british secret services had drugged entire London and several other cities but I would take Taxi and roam around and get good food and the only thing secret services wanted was to somehow give me drugged food.
Here I narrate how M*** C*** bank defrauded me of 2,500 dollars. I made some payments of more than 80,000 dollars to A*** M*** of F*** C**** A*** named for a business transaction. A*** M**** was running a fraudulent business and he never returned any money. I did not have that much money in one account and I paid him several checks. Among all those checks, there was this one 2,500 dollars check. When I paid the money, I had checked that there were enough funds in the bank. But what I had forgotten was that I had not operated the account (at DHA Branch) for more than one and a half years and the account had become dormant. According to rules of Pakistani banks, there could never be any form of withdrawal from a dormant account until the account-holder himself deposits some money in the bank to make the account active again. Later A*** M*** told me that my check for 2,500 dollars had bounced because my account was dormant and asked me to activate the account but I simply neglected his request since I had doubted that he wanted to not return my money promptly and it was a small fraction of the money. He asked me two or three times to activate the account but I simply neglected and he did not make a big deal either since he had already received more than 80,000 dollars. Later I went to UK and started living there. In my last days, I bitterly needed money and mind control agencies were having great problems due to money in my hands. When I recalled that I had more than 2,500 dollars in my DHA account, I checked with the bank but the bank told me that there were less than hundred dollars in it. As it happened, bank cleared my check to A*** M**** in "back dates". I wrote to the bank and asked how money could be withdrawn from the bank when my account was dormant. Bank in his response totally skirted the issue that my account was dormant and told me that they had honored my check that was taken from my check-book with my own signatures. Bank could never honor the check from a dormant account until I would go to the bank and activate my account again. This was simply against the banking rules. When I was in London, there was no way I could pursue the matter vigorously with the Pakistani bank. Later I was detained till January 2012 in Karachi. I visited the DHA Branch of the bank myself in 2012 but the staff there agreed that my account was dormant and there was no transaction for more than one and a half year and the check should not have been cleared but they told me that there was no way they could return me any money. So this was another incident when bank was moved to take money from me so that I would not cause any trouble for mind control agencies.
Obviously they had no problems with a few thousand pounds but they had very serious problems when I would get good food and they could no longer keep me under mind control.

Here is the first of the two relevant posts related to fraud by M*** C*** Bank and this post was written on Wilmott on Wed Mar 23, 11 03:47 PM (Page 017)
I had written a cheque for a few thousand dollars to someone in Pakistan in 2009. The cheque was returned since my account with M*** Defence Lahore was dormant. The recipient of the cheque kept the cheque for the records and informed me that it had been returned but there was no action and I did not make my account active at all after that. Since my account stayed dormant, there was no way money could be withdrawn from my account. A few days ago, someone at the Bank in Johar Town informed me upon my questioning that my cheque at M*** Defence had been cashed. I really could not understand the reasons so I called the Bank manager of M** Johar Town branch and complained about my persecution. She said she would look into the matter. Since I was a bit upset and accused the bank of being a party in my persecution, I received my credit card statements very next day on 18th March which I had requested on 1st February. I had made repeated calls to the bank to send me those credit card statements by phone and email but they were not responding at all and I had just given up but once I accused them of being a party in my persecution, they were quick to respond. I still do not know what is the final status of the cheque I had written and will talk to the bank about it tomorrow.
Here is the second of the two relevant posts related to fraud by M*** C*** Bank and this post was written on Wilmott on Sat Mar 26, 11 07:38 AM (Page 18)
In 2009, I approached F*** C*** A**** that I want to set up my software company in UK. They seemed to be reputable firm as they gave large ads in national newspapers. They advised me that sixty thousand pounds would be deposited in my name with UK embassy and I would get a visa, different from tier one visa, in which I would be free to stay in UK any period of length I like unlike tier one visa and do my business there. FCA gave me photocopies of travellers checks and said that originals have been posted with the embassy directly from American Express Bank. I could not buy travelers checks myself since there was no dealing in pound travelers checks in Pakistan at all. I was, of course, on mind control but continued my dealings normally. Later F** C*** A*** refused to return single penny of my sixty thousand pounds and I got my visa in Tier one. FCA was manipulated to swindle my money. I never mentioned this before. I am mentioning this now because I paid money to FCA through my various accounts and one check of 2500 dollars was returned due to my dormant account, a fact I mentioned in a previous email. They kept the checks and I did not care since I knew we would have to settle fees and everything after they help me get my visa.
Since that checks was held by FCA, they have connived with the M** bank to change records and dealings in my account in back dates and show that checks had been cashed.
Later I was travelling across UK and stayed in F**** L****. I sent a very politely written letter to F**** L**** Hotel to not let anybody enter my hotel room at night since this had happened previously at several other British hotels. I checked in at F**** L*** at 4:00 pm and F**** L**** called police and six armed police entered my room after 12:00 am in the night. British secret services bitterly wanted to detain me but I continued to behave very responsibly and never gave police any opportunity to detain me or declare me sick. Police later asked me to leave F*** L**** after midnight and took me to another hotel and asked me to stay at the hotel they had assigned. 
I made the following post on Wilmott forum about F**** L*** incident on Mon Apr 04, 11 03:52 AM (Page 20)
“I am writing this post at 3:15 in Preston. I was staying at F**** L**** Hotel earlier this night and arrived there at about 4:00 pm on third of April. I usually make a request at the hotel when I arrive there to make sure nobody ever enters my room at night when I am sleeping. I forgot to do that at F**** L***. When I got into my room, I thought I would write them a quick email about it later. Around ten at night I wrote a short email and I quote it here.
Request for protection of my sanctity Sunday, 3 April, 2011 16:56
From: "Ahsan Amin" <>To: *****  Cc:
I want to thank you for giving me opportunity to stay at your nice hotel. I am having a very pleasant stay here.
I want to request you to make sure nobody enters my room when I am sleeping at night. I know this is really what one does not expect from a good hotel and I am confident any such thing would not happen at your hotel. But I am still making this request because somebody entered my room at night in T** and later at R*. In T*. I had placed a small table and chair before the door when I slept. But when I woke up they had moved one metre in front of the door. I mentioned this criminal behavior of T* and R*  in an internet blog.
Again I do not expect any such thing from your hotel but am writing just to be positively sure that you would protect my sanctity.
For more information about myself you can look t my web site
Kind regards,
Ahsan Amin
I later did some work and also wrote a short post in technical forum at about 12:00 about calibration of hybrid models with stochastic volatility. I was still awake that I received a phone call from reception saying there was a problem with authorization of my card and I should go down and settle it. I made the request that it was too late and I seriously did not want to go down and would settle the matter next day or pay in cash if that did not work. She had to agree. But five minutes later there was a knock at the door and six armed police including one police woman entered my room. They searched my bags. I asked them the reason for this surprise raid. They made conflicting statements. First they said you took a taxi from Preston to Farrington and taxi driver said your behavior was strange. I was totally surprised and said that it was about 3:30 pm when I took the taxi and it was one in the morning next day when they came to my room. Then they said that hotel management just did not want me to stay there and I had to leave the hotel right away. I wanted the hotel to ask the reason for it but nobody from the hotel management was there and reception staff was not present there and did not show up at all as long as I stayed there.
I asked the police to give me an incident card but they said they could not give me one and wrote some numbers on a paper that said
log 1c 1502 3rd april 2011. INSP 101 Appleton. PS Willis P Leyland.
Since I have been talking against racist bosses of Pentagon and their crimes on innocent people using mind control weapons, police has started to harass me again. I am looking for possibilities to leave UK and want to continue to travel until I leave UK and it is very difficult for them to continue to drug me wherever I go. A large number of personnell of UK secret services have to move wherever I go. They have to put mind control equipment in hotels where I stay. They also have to think about where and what I would eat which becomes very difficult for them. They also want to discourage me from telling anything about myself to the hotels so they could easily manipulate me. Email I wrote to the hotel was very polite but they still, for some reason, asked me to leave.”
Later I wrote a letter to F**** L**** Hotel asking for their irresponsible behavior. Here is the relevant post I made on Wilmott Forum on Tue Apr 05, 11 05:27 PM (Page 22)
“Here is a letter I sent to F**** L****. I have not received any response from the hotel.
Complaint for unacceptable bahaviour Sunday, 3 April, 2011 23:08
From: "Ahsan Amin" <>To: info.*@*
Dear Sir/Madam,
I was staying at F* L* yesterday on 3rd of April. My name is Ahsan Amin and I was probably staying in room 21. At 12:40 I received a phone call from reception that I should come down to reception as there was a problem with authorization of my card. I requested the staff to wait till morning as it was already past mid night and would be very difficult to go down. Five minutes later six armed police officers entered my room and checked my bags. I was shocked to receive the police at 1:00 in the morning. Police later asked me that hotel management wanted me to leave the premises and accompanied me out of the hotel.
I seriously do not understand the reason for this irresponsible behavior of F* L* and would request an explanation for this.
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 29th, 2020, 10:24 pm

Ahsan Amin”
Here is another relevant post I wrote on Wilmott forum regarding the behavior of police when it entered my room in F*** L*** Hotel. This post was written on Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:34 PM (Page 22)
“It is interesting that police that entered my room at 1:00 in the morning gave three different conflicing statements about why they were searching me and why they entered my room. First they said that the taxi driver who accompanied me to hotel said that I looked suspicious. That surprised me since I came to the hotel around 4:00 in the evening but they came to my hotel room at 1:00 in the morning. Later, they said upon furhter inquiry that music in your room was too loud and hotel did not like that. I was really shocked since I had a simple HP laptop that I was using to listen to music and even its maximum sound is very very feeble by any standards. Even if hotel did not like music in my room at all, they could have made a polite request to decrease volume(which was low anyway) instead of sending six armed police at one in the morning. I made sure that I did not talk to police about my persecution by UK secret services since that is what they really wanted so they could declare me paranoid and put me on drugs regimen they want and stifle my voice forever that continues to expose racism of bosses of Pentagon. They tried to open up the topic of CIA but I deflected the discussion several times. Since I was not carrying any reference to my persecution and had not mentioned it to the hotel at all, they could not openly talk about it. I was treated like an animal for more than a decade on orders of bosses of CIA, and I continue to expose the fact that I was totally innocent and the only reason for my persecution was my religion and affiliation to my country, makes racist bosses of CIA now go on a damage control and the only easy way to do is to make me mute by putting me on drugs again. I continue to expose racism in US governmant, US universities, and their spy agencies and the tactics they use to retard their target muslims, and my constant criticism is hard to be swallowed now by racist spy agencies of USA. But I really have no choice now but to stand strong and fight them for happiness in my life that was taken away from me forcefully by animal tactics of these inhuman people. I really cannot let myself be a target of these racist animals all my life.
Another reason for sending police is to intimidate me so that I cannot tell hotels facts behind my persecution something that would expose true racist motives of these spy agencies and make them look ugly to people. Whenever I wrote anything to hotels however polite it was, I was greeted by police to intimidate me. Also look into this in light of the earlier experience that I was asked to leave the premises of human rights law firms forcefully despite the fact general public was free to go there while I had nothing thretening on me except for a few letters that I wanted to leave at the law firm offices. On the main road, every law firm office I was approached by security that said that we cannot receive any letter from you in person and you have to post it to us and I knew very well that my post would go straight to spy agencies. Since they are doing it on a huge scale and there are no rightful premises for them to carry on my persecution, they know very well that general public will be infuriated if they know the truth.
Since I know the horrible experience of mind control weapons, I would continue to fight against their use on innocent civilians all my life. And I would press upon British and American people to ask their governments to force these racist guardians from using these weapons forever unless issues of national security or threats to innocent people in form of terrorism are involved. The fact that these spy agencies get away with use of these weapons make them very bold to use these animal techniques even on totally innocent people and people never know about this cruelty.”
I was travelling everywhere and exhausting money rather quickly but British secret services were already vexed because it was becoming very difficult to drug the food everywhere and I would just take a taxi and roam around and then take food from some random place. So British secret services arranged for my bank to steal my 1000 pounds. I had always used credit card by that time for my transactions. And a bogus 1000 pounds transaction appeared on my statement and this transaction was made without credit card or check book and the bank later told me that I had shown my ID at the bank branch and withdrawn money using withdrawal slip. I was not even aware of any such mode of withdrawal since I was from Pakistan where we always had to use a check or credit card. 
Again when I complained to the bank, the bank refused to discuss anything with me in writing at all and told me that they would have to talk to me in person or over the phone. (The bank later showed me a withdrawal slip that carried my counterfeit signatures when I visited them in Bradford branch. I Insisted it was a fraud but they told me that they will look at cameras and make further investigations but the bank never told me anything about investigations with cameras

I made the seven following posts on Wilmott forum about fraud by L*** and discussed the incident in detail.
Here is first post on Wilmott regarding L*** fraud written on Thu Apr 07, 11 12:34 PM (Page 22)
“I was in Birmingham today and needed some money so I went to L*** Bank close to New Street. I withdrew some money and asked the branch to give me my bank statement of past two months. I noticed that one entry in last month when I was in Bradford mentioned a withdrawal of 1000 pounds saying H'GATE BRADFORD which had not occured. I noticed it and talked to staff at the bank. Mr. M** S**, an employee, of the bank spoke to me and said it was a withdrawal at L*** Bradford. I knew I did not go to the bank at Bradford to withdraw any money though I was there in those dates. I also noticed that entry in the statement carried no refernce to my credit card. Since I opened my bank account, I have never made a transaction with cheques, phone banking or internet banking(without my card). Bank staff said that they would investigate the matter. I requested them to make all statements after investigation through internet for my records but they plainly refused to do that and said they would only explain the matter over phone or in person. I again stressed that I did not go to the bank in Bradford and the entry in statement did not mention my card at all so it must be bogus. Though I would be reluctant to openly blame the bank, and I would like to see the result of their investigations, I still see an extremely strong possibility of involvement of British Secret Services especially since a precedent of manipulation of my accounts by M** Bank has already occured. I will let people know of the result of the investigation by the bank.”
Here is second post on Wilmott regarding L** fraud written on Fri Apr 08, 11 01:11 PM (Page 23)
“I have attached the scanned PDF file of one page of my bank transactions that took place in my account with L*** Bank. This is the page that contains the bogus entry of 1000 pounds
shown as 24/03/2011 PAY H'GATE BRADFORD 1,000.00DR 10,254.19 U
Please notice that transaction does not mention my credit card and since I started banking with L**, I have never made a single transaction without my credit card. I never used my cheque book and I use phone banking only to inquire my balance. I have never transferred money to any other individual's account through my bank since I came to UK. I also never used any branch of L*** to transfer money anywhere. Please notice "M*** S***" written on the page in black ink which is the name of L** staff who mentioned that this transaction took place in H'GATE Bradford Branch of L****. I requested him for his card but he told me he had run out of his business cards and simply wrote his name on bank statement page we were discussing. He also refused to use email for the purpose of communicating with me. I will let the Wilmott friends know about the result of their investigations.
I am spending money like anything already so I ask UK secret services with humor, " British thieves please do not swindle my money like this." It would have probably kept me afloat for just a few more days.”
Here is third post on Wilmott regarding L**** fraud written on Fri Apr 08, 11 11:27 PM (Page 23)
As I earlier said, L* staff at Birmingham told me that this transaction took place at H'GATE Bradford Branch. They gave me the print out of my statements and I have shown just shown one page of them. As I earlier said I have not made any transaction without my card. I lost my pin and ordered a new pin and since I have not been to London for more than two weeks, I have not checked it. Anyway I did not enter L** branch in Bradford. I still continued to think whether there is any very remote possibility if I entered into L* branch and might have forgotten. But I clearly remember that I ordered a taxi and asked it to come close to L** but I DID NOT ENTER THE L*** BRANCH and I remember it very clearly.
Here is fourth post on Wilmott regarding L*** fraud written on Sat Apr 09, 11 09:08 AM (Page 23)
“I was in Bradford and I did some minor shopping for clothes and walked towards the boundary of the city centre, opened my laptop and looked for taxi companies in Bradford. I wanted to go to Manchester. When I was trying to recall all the events, I remember that I was just stepping outside of the city centre and when taxi compny asked me for directions over the phone, I told them I am close to L** Bank. I remember very clearly that I looked around when taxi company was asking for directions to reach me and I saw the bank and told the taxi company that I was close to the bank. When I recalled everything I remeber that I noticed the bank there but only to give directions to the taxi company. I very clearly remember I DID NOT GO INTO THE BANK. I had enough money and I had withdrawn five thousand pounds from Earls court branch where my original account is, probably two weeks ago before I departed from London. Again I am perfectly confident, I did not make any transaction in the bank there.”
Here is fifth post on Wilmott regarding L**** fraud written on Mon Apr 11, 11 11:09 AM (Page 24)
“Yes I went to the Bank and they have showed me a withdrawal receipt. It does carry my signatures. But I maintain that this was a bogus entry and I did not enter the bank. I was not aware whether I can withdraw money without my card. When I withdrew money from L** Branch in Birmingham several days ago where I also asked for my account statements , I was surprised when the staff asked for my signatures since previously I just got money by giving my card to teller and giving my id at the same time. I never remembered my account number without my card and I always give it to cashier. My all previous withdrawals at the bank carry my card number. I am being framed here. The staff at the Bradford branch told me they would look at the camera tapes and I asked them to do that. But anything can happen in science fiction world when a trillion dollar a year are available to masters of universe. I again say that the bank staff showed me a receipt and it does carry the same signatures as mine but I did not withdraw this money.”
Here is sixth post on Wilmott regarding L**** fraud written on Mon Apr 11, 11 05:44 PM (Page 24)
“All my previous withdrawals at the bank had credit card number mentioned on the statements. Again the voucher bank showed me, in fact, carried exact replica of my signatures. But I do maintain that I did not withdraw any money from there. I would not spoil my credibility myself by mentioning any such thing if it had not happened. I am telling exactly what I did and what is the truth. I am sure bank will not return my money and I am not going to police to shoot myself in the foot. It is a matter of fact description of events and I do not gain anything by mentioning it here.”
Here is seventh post on Wilmott regarding L*** fraud written on Wed Apr 13, 11 03:09 AM (Page 25)
“I did not forget at all whether I went into the bank in Bradford or not. I remember very well that I really had more than three thousand pounds in cash and I really did not need the money. I also remember very well that I went very close to the bank and when I sat on a bench near the bank and opened my laptop and looked for the address of the taxi companies in Bradford and called one. When they asked me where the taxi should come, I looked around for prominent buildings on the road and noticed L*** Bank there and told the taxi company to send the driver there. If I had gone into the bank I would have known it but I remember very clearly that I noticed the bank only when taxi company staff asked where the taxi should come. I also remeber that when I withdrew money from bank in Birmingham just a few days ago, they asked me to sign a small form even when I showed them my card and I was surprised and asked them why they are taking my signatures despite the fact that I had showed them my passport and my card and I did not sign any form before when I withdrew money. Obviously if somebody makes a good replica of my signatures, I cannot prove it and would like to see the camera tapes but the way science fiction things have happened, I would not be surprised if one could even produce some tape of mine withdrawing money. In fact incidents like this can be used and fabricated to undermine truth of my statements and say things to prove bad mental health or weakness of my memory.
I know I have had experiences with banks in which I blamed myself. When I was a student at N***, I had an account with chase. My father wired me 5500 dollars for some fees. A week after I received the wire, I received another wire of 5500 dollars. I was very surprised where the wire came from but the money was in my account. I really had some sense that this is some sort of banking error but I did not contact my bank about it. However I did not withdraw the money either and thought bank would know and just correct the error. Two weeks passed and nobody from C*** said anything about it. I still wanted to wait but I was tempted to withdraw the money. Several more weeks passed and I received a phone call from C*** about the money. I went to them and plainly told them that I have spent quite a bit of money. They were not very concerned and said that it was a mistake from M*** Bank and they wired it twice and now they would have to settle the matter with your father and it is really not Chase's concern. Nobody from the local branch of the bank contacted my father.
Another bad experience I would never forget all my life unrelated to banking. When I got admission in Northwestern and went to Chicago first time from Pakistan, I was just carrying traveler's cheques. I got into a taxi from the airport. Taxi driver was a Pakistani, and we started a conversation. When I reached Northwestern, I wanted to pay him fourteen dollars using my travelers cheques. I had no dollars in cash. He was a good guy and just asked me that I cannot take travelers cheques but you can pay me the money later. I took his phone number. It was my first time in United States and of course at Northwestern as well. I had to learn new things and get oriented in the new university environment. I knew I will return the money but after probably a week I misplaced his number. I was seriously concerned and wanted to find a way out how to get him. I still remember that when I came to N*** after several years I would still sometimes think of finding a way to return his money. I could never return those fourteen dollars. I still think that my bad ending of experience in United States and travails that followed may have been due to the reason I could not return money I owed to someone.
I really have nothing to gain from blaming L*** for a thousand pounds but I would still request them if they ever read my posts to evaluate everything on their own and try to understand who is being wronged. Especially since I really hold nothing against British ever. I was seriously looking forward to come to UK. Though I always know that my real country is Pakistan, I really thought before coming to UK that nobody in UK would ever persecute me. I had a very high opinion of human rights standard of European countries and UK. I told people at this forum that I lived on just extremely minimal amount of food and almost fasted for three days before I came to UK. I really thought once I would get to UK, I would be free from all mind control.”
Though British secret services continued to use mind control technologies to retard my brain, this effort became more explicit when I tried to stay at Holiday Inn Bradford. Here is a relevant post I made on Wilmott forum about it on Wed Apr 13, 11 06:05 PM (Page 25)
“Last night I was staying at H***, Bradford. It was about mid night when I checked into the hotel. I do not make an advanced reservation at any hotel and use my laptop to make a reservation online about twenty or thirty minutes before I have to check in. When I checked in at reception, the staff started to take a really long time and I had to make repeated requests that it is mid night and I want to go to my room. When everything seemed to be settled, the person at reception started to explain how I would open the door using key card. I said several times that I have lived at other H** several time before but he would continue to explain how I would use key card to open the door and emphasized,"I really have to explain it to you in detail." I know any hotel I go to, the secret services reach there and set up equipment for mind control and devices that target different precise frequencies on several parts of the brain. Anyway when I entered the room and unplugged electrical devices and started to surf internet. After a few hours, in the twin bed room, I moved one of the beds and mattress, I noticed that there was a small black box attached to base of the bed and it was connected to electricity through a makeshift connection in the wiring in the wall. I was surprised that it was very very unusual and seemed to have no obvious purpose. I put some aluminium foil around it. I noticed right away that when I put aluminium foil around the box, music became sweeter and louder, and my eye sight became sharper. I checked the other bed and found that a similar black box was there as well. I also put some foil around it. It was a much stimulating night after that. When I checked out in the morning, I did not say anything to the hotel because of my previous experience with different hotels calling police. I am not afraid of police 
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 29th, 2020, 11:00 pm

but I really did not want to have to go through the trouble. Especially when police wants me to talk about my persecution and declare it paranoia and put me on drugs.”
Since it had become extremely difficult to live in UK due to coercion by British secret services, police and other authorities, it had become very difficult to live in UK despite that I had a tier one work visa. British secret services made it very difficult for me to go elsewhere to Europe or China. I had applied for German visa and it was declined and there was no point in applying for visa to any other European country after that. Therefore I decided to return to Pakistan and arrived at Karachi on 27 April, 2011.
I wanted to live in Karachi permanently away from my family so that they would not be able to declare me mentally sick after connivance with psychiatrists but Pakistani secret services started to add mind control chemicals to food in Karachi.
Even though I was talking regularly to my family on phone, my brother-in-law and his friends posed as real estate agents and asked me to come to a relatively less populated area to talk about a house rental request I had posted on internet. When I reached there in the morning, they tied me and forced me in their car and took me to a house in DHA Karachi and continued to give me several injections each after one hour till the evening. And then in the evening, they gave me one final injection and I became unconscious and woke up later in a shabby psychiatric care facility. Dr. **** who was the psychiatrist at the facility, detained me from May 2011 till January 2012 and continued to force very high amount of antipsychotics. Towards the end of year 2011, Dr. **** told me he would end my detention only if I would be willing to go back to my family in Lahore and that he would detain me indefinitely if I refused to live with my family.
Here is a relevant post I made on Wilmott briefly describing the above incident. This post #324 was written on March 27th, 2015, 4:28 am, with the internet address:
“I wanted to live in Karachi and wanted to rented a house. I continued to call to my family two to three time everyday. My brother-in-law and his friends called me and posed as brokers interested in arranging housing for me over the phone and asked me to come to a thinly populated area. I asked the taxi driver to reach the place they mentioned. My brother-in-law started forcing me to go with him. I continued to ask him that we could talk and settle everything nicely but he was belligerent. They forced me off me feet on the road and tied both my hands and legs. He wanted to blindfold me in the car by putting a cover on my head but I forced my head against the roof of the car (my hands and legs were tied) and he could not blindfold me. They took me to a house in DHA Karachi and locked the main gate. Some people continued to come and go from the smaller gate. They gave me some injections and I would fall asleep. I would doze for about half an hour to hour and when I would wake up they would give me some other injection. One of the people there asked if I wanted them to arrange a dance party at night. In the afternoon they gave me some food to eat. While I was eating, a woman I never knew and never had seen before and all her breasts were exposed came and started eating in the same plate I was eating. I continued to answer what she said but did not do anything at all. They continued to give me injections and in the evening they gave me a final injection and I woke up at a psychiatrist's facility next day. Attendants at the hospital gave me an underwear and asked me to change my underwear. I was wearing two underwears. I removed one of the two underwears and wore their underwear (sorry for not using any other word) and came out of the bathroom. The attendants gave me several blows and said that I was trying to be smart with them. Doctor I did not interview me for several days and my heavy medication started again. I was threatened to comply. One of the other patients told me that some people took me out of my room unconscious at night and brought me back in the morning. I told Doctor I to make sure that nobody enters my room when I am sleeping but Doctor I would say that nobody would enter my room. I noticed that people continued to enter my room at night when I Was sleeping. After a lot of those incidents and protests, Doctor I changed his line and said that we really have to enter your room at night because of your safety. Doctor I kept me in his facility for more than nine months. He said that he would let me go out only if I live with my family in Lahore otherwise he will continue to detain me for possibly several years. I had to live with drug addicts and in a very very unprofessional environment. He allowed me to leave after about a year when I knew that there was no other way but to live with my family in Lahore. I am tired of writing and would continue in a day again.”
I came back to Lahore in January 2012 and remained on very high dosage of antipsychotics and I visited Dr. S*** two tomes when he came to Lahore. He decreased my psychiatric medicine in 2013 and I was able to restart my research again.
There were several times in late 2013 and early 2014 when military in Pakistan drugged water, beverages and food with mind control chemicals in Lahore city. I very clearly recall that I became friendly with supervisor of an upscale store E****** that sold food and beverages of the best local and foreign brands. Though the supervisor would not tell me what was drugged and what was not drugged in his store, he told me several times that adding chemicals to food and beverages had become an extremely common practice. He told me that it used to happen only once in a while but it had started to happen very frequently in 2013-2014. In recent years I never saw that supervisor in the store and he probably left employment with E*****.
When my antipsychotics decreased, I was able to resume my intellectual activity and started to do better research in mathematics and also posted frequently on internet. I also made a few blog posts during that time which can be read at
I was detained by my family around Feb 20, 2104. I was taken from my home and was detained at psychiatric health facility P**** in Gulberg, Lahore. Owner of the psychiatric facility was a general MBBS doctor. And professional psychiatrists were invited to visit the patients in his facility. I was deteined in the facility for fifty days and I had only four meetings with the psychiatrist Dr. M*** M****** during this time. My first meeting with Dr. M***** took place one or two days after I was detained and it lasted only fifteen minutes. I answered all questions of Dr. M***** to his satisfaction and when he realized that I had perfect reasoning and it would be impossible to convince me that I had any psychiatric disease, Dr. M***** left the meeting saying he had to run and he would restart the discussion some other day. In the second meeting that took place when I was sleeping in my hospital room at 10:30 pm and Dr. M*** woke me up and told me that he would give me injections and use force on me when he would feel necessary. I wrote a letter to owner of the facility asking him to make a detailed written diagnosis but both Dr. M**** and Dr. A**** refused to do that. I also requested Dr. A**** that I wanted a second opinion and when Dr. M*** came to know about my demand, he told me in his third meeting that lasted three minutes that he had forfeited my right to second opinion under mental health law of Pakistan. During the fifty days of detention, after the first meeting with Dr. M**** that lasted fifteen minutes, there were only three more meetings at 10:30 pm lasting about three minutes each and Dr. M**** used to visit patients in pavilion at night after doing his practice at another hospital for several hours.
Dishonesty of Dr. M***** is obvious from the following points.
1.   He did not give me enough time to inquire and discuss my case. We only had just one fifteen minutes meeting at the start.
2.   Ten days later, in the second meeting that lasted three minutes at 10:30 pm, he told me without any further inquiry and interview that he would use force and injections.
3.   Despite my repeated verbal requests and one written email that follows, the psychiatrist refused to give me any written reasons behind his diagnosis.
4.   Doctor was afraid that some other doctor might declare me mentally sane therefore he told me that he would forfeit my right for the second opinion and he claimed that he was authorized by Pakistan Mental Health Act to stop me from second opinion.
5.   Doctor also told me that he would have to give me injections for five years to cure my schizophrenia.
Here I have copied my email letter to Dr. A***** at his email address: asking for a written diagnosis but my request was repeatedly neglected and the hospital continued to detain me for fifty days.
“Request For A Written Statement Giving Arguments Behind Your Diagnosis
[table][tr][td][table][tr][td]Ahsan Amin <>[/td]
[td]Fri, Feb 28, 2014, 2:50 PM
[tr][td][table][tr][td]to psychiatrist77
February 28, 2014
Dear Dr. A****,                                                           
Since in the meeting today that took place after a lapse of seven days,  you broke the news that you have diagnosed me of acute Schizophrenia, and I dispute your diagnosis, so I thought of writing to you so there is no ambiguity left about my standpoint. And if I try to dispute your diagnosis in the future and say that it was motivated by factors than a sincere desire to objectively treat me, you would have no problems in answering any accusations I would ever put forth against you since everything would be properly documented. And in the meeting today, you asked me the question whether I thought Pakistan military was working behind the scenes and making some concerted effort to thwart me everywhere. Though I answered the question in negative, since I strongly believe that Pakistan military deceives people of Pakistan and damages the interest of people of Pakistan for their own myopic gains, I believe that it would be better to make written statements of your stance and my viewpoint in this regard so that nobody could ever imply wrong statements from anyone later about any institution.
I make a few written requests in this regard. My first request is that you write for me about the grounds and reasons behind your diagnosis with proper justification of everything including why I need a strict treatment at all and why do I need to live under your controlled custody. You also need to write for me with arguments why do you consider me a threat to myself or anyone else which is one of the reasons behind your treatment as you suggested in the discussion today.
I would also request you to increase medicine regimen only after you have established your case regarding my diagnosis in writing otherwise I am seriously afraid that once you force huge amount of drugs in my brain and decrease my intellectual activity, you would start giving all sort of arguments that I might not be easily able to refute because of damage to the brain due to extreme amount of anti-psychotics. Indeed this step should have been taken before giving me any medication. And it is my request to complete your written statement over this weekend so I could write arguments in my favor and preclude the possibility of wrongdoing on everybody's part.
I also request you to make an audio recording of every session you or any other psychiatrist/psychologist have with me and give me a copy and retain a copy in your records. I consider this extremely important to be able to retrieve those recordings in the future if desired for the law to be able to take its course.
Thank you for your favors,
Kind regards,
Ahsan Amin.”
Here I made a post on internet when I mentioned about second visit from psychiatrist Dr. M**** when he woke me up and told me that he would use force. This post was written on wilmott forum on March 3rd, 2014, 5:11 pm at the address:
“Another consultant visited my clinic today and he had one mere ten minutes meeting with me earlier more than ten days ago and said they would use force on me now. And in the previous only one ten minutes meeting, He had had talked just peripherally about my case . He said, in another very short meeting after interrupting my sleep at 10:30 today, that he was the psychiatrist treating me while he had not discussed anything in detail with me previously. And said that they would use force despite my insistence that I had been cooperating with the doctors in taking the medication already. This was despite the fact any of the doctors did not write their diagnosis for me at all, with reasons describing why the specific treatment is necessary as I had outlined in my written request letter.”
I was asked later asked by hospital staff to give them my phone and laptop and they told me that these things were not helping my psychiatric recovery. Here I was able to make a post before they took my phone and laptop.
I mentioned this on internet at the post that was written March 04, 2014 at address below:
“I have been asked by a lower staff at the hospital that I would have to give them my laptop and cell phone. Funny that I was talking to a prestigious newspaper regarding publishing my articles and blogs. You can have a look at my blogs here ahsanamin2999 | Smile! You’re at the best site ever.”
I was allowed to leave the psychiatric facility p**** after fifty days of detention and I made the following post on wilmott forum on April 9th, 2014, 9:30 am which can be read at the internet address at:\
“I was recently allowed to leave the forced detention at a mental health facility after fifty days. During these fifty days, the psychiatrist saw me only four times. Only the first meeting was ten minutes long and rest of the meetings barely lasted a few minutes. Here are some of the sentences from the doctor. He failed to discuss the case with me at all but said" Since you do not have insight about your illness, we will have to use force and injections on you. "When I asked for a second opinion from a different psychiatrist he said," Under Pakistan mental health act, I have forfeited your right for a second opinion". He went on to say," Your problem is that you are too intelligent and we want to solve this problem. "In the last meeting he said," I did not discuss illness and symptoms with you since you could have convinced me with logic that you are not sick but I know that you are sick for sure, hence I did not have any discussion about your illness. I was told that I would be kept on injections for Schizophrenia for at least five years due to his diagnosis. Seems like Uncle Sam has opened the gates of her treasury to persecute me at all cost and their puppets in Pakistan, the army encourages and bribes the doctors to declare me sick.”
I also made a post about dishonest psychiatric practice by Dr. M**** written on a later date at April 14th, 2015, 5:23 am with the address:
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 29th, 2020, 11:33 pm

“I was recently allowed to leave the forced detention at a mental health facility after fifty days. During these fifty days, the psychiatrist saw me only four times. Only the first meeting was ten minutes long and rest of the meetings barely lasted a few minutes. Here are some of the sentences from the doctor. He failed to discuss the case with me at all but said" Since you do not have insight about your illness, we will have to use force and injections on you." When I asked for a second opinion from a different psychiatrist he said," Under Pakistan mental health act, I have forfeited your right for a second opinion". He went on to say," Your problem is that you are too intelligent and we want to solve this problem." In the last meeting he said," I did not discuss illness and symptoms with you since you could have convinced me with logic that you are not sick but I know that you are sick for sure, hence I did not have any discussion about your illness. I was told that I would be kept on injections for Schizophrenia for at least five years due to his diagnosis. Seems like Uncle Sam has opened the gates of her treasury to persecute me at all cost and their puppets in Pakistan, the army encourages and bribes the doctors to declare me sick. I am very worried CIA/Americans will use similar tactics and use my family again to start giving me injections so that they could experiment with my neuro-transmitters again. Last year they played the same trick and the professor psychiatrist was was a total fraud and had an initial meeting with me that lasted less than fifteen minutes. He did not discuss my illness but asked irrelevant questions like if I had any girl friend at Northwestern. He also asked what I thought about having sex. I was totally astonished at the irrelevance of the questions but continued to answer thoroughly. (Here I would like to tell readers that I am not married and I badly wanted to marry before I went to London in 2010 but Pakistani agencies asked my family and the other family to oppose the marriage in every possible way.) When the professor psychiatrist could not find anything objectionable he left saying that he would resume the interview later and he never talked about diagnosis of my illness after that. I had two more meetings but he did not interview but broke the news that he would use force and he stopped me from having a second opinion according to the responsibility he had assumed using Pakistan Mental health law. They would use force and torture if I did not follow their orders. I was writing on internet and the incharge of facility took my laptop and cell phone saying that I could not use them according to mental health law. The incharge of the facility said that he wanted me to be a productive male in the society which he claimed I was not. I asked him that I would tape every conversation with him since I was in forced detention and I wanted to use those tapes later to prove my sanity. This was one of the reasons he took my computer since I taped one of the conversations in which he assured that he would not take my computer but did the very same thing the next day. He assured me that he would arrange for taping of future conversations using a tape recorder but he never gave me any tape recorder and backed on his promise and nothing was taped. I was totally sane and the only things psychiatrists could say were you are too intelligent and have to be treated, or we want you to be a productive male in society and other gibberish. They did not have any argument.”
I had earlier been able to convince my family to decrease the injections and they had agreed since mind control agencies allowed them to decrease the drugs because I had already lost most of my creativity and intellectual capability. But I slowly started to work on my research and started to regain my brain. When mind control agencies realized that I had started to do better research, they asked my family to do something again to retard me. My father’s self-stylized religious saint came to our house with one of his followers and told me that he wanted to give me injections and I would go to sleep for 24 hours but I continued to beg and plead him and I was able to leave the home in my car. The supposed saint was probably sure that he would get me later but I was able to convince him to let me go outside. When I left the house, I made posts about the saint on at least two different forums from outside my house. Enough people were following my story even at that time and the saint had to leave. I also called my father when I was outside and protested against this.
Here is the relevant post I made on internet at April 12th, 2015, 8:49 am at the address:
This morning there was an attempt by a Peer(or self stylized saint) of my family to declare me mentally sick. He warned me that they will give me injections and I would sleep for 24 hours after that. I could barely escape what he was trying to do. Let us see what is their next move.”
My family still remained very tense with me and I was very afraid that they would force antipsychotics injections and mind control drugs on me therefore I stayed one night out of the home. Here is the post I made when I was away on April 14th, 2015, 2:09 pm
“I am staying out of my home for the night since I had realized that my father will try to force me into detention again and I would request a court tomorrow for stay order to stop my father from hospitalizing me forcefully again and I would request the court that if there has to be a check on my mental health, it has to be done and investigated properly by a psychiatrist of my choice and I should remain free at the same time. I do not want to be at the mercy of my father's chosen psychiatrist as we saw in the past year that they continued to quote mental health laws and forcefully manipulate me into taking injections. If my father forcefully hospitalized me, I would be cutoff from the outer world and they would do whatever they like. My father's self-stylized saint(peer) had already hinted that he wanted to give me injections that would put me to sleep for 24 hours and he had no argument for my mental sickness at all.”
Next day, on April 15, 2015, I went to Lahore High Court to find some help but I was told that I had to submit an application that would be considered several weeks later when its turn would arrive. When I realized that there was no possibility of help from the court, I decided to see a psychiatrist on my own. I was driving in Garden town Lahore where I came across B**** psychiatric clinic and decided to see the psychiatrist Dr. N*** there. It was evening but the psychiatrist still not had arrived there. I waited for an hour in the reception and then had a consultation with her. I asked her to listen to my case carefully and then decide if I am sane enough and tell my parents about it. She said that I seemed perfectly fine and asked me that she wanted to hear what my family had to say. I agreed and took an appointment to visit her again at April 20, 2015. I took my mother on the planned day and my mother did not have anything decisive to say about any disease other than that I did not eat at home. The psychiatrist asked me to visit her after one week on 27 April 2015. The next week when I went again to visit the psychiatrist, on April 27, and was sitting in the waiting room so that I could visit the psychiatrist on my turn. Another lady who was a psychologist came to me and asked me to go with her in a different room to have a session with psychologist but I declined and said that I was only interested in seeing the psychiatrist who had promised to see me again the earlier week. After five minutes, at least four men came to the room and started besting me. They gave me slaps on my face with full force and gave me blows and they continued to do it for more than ten minutes. I had never been beaten like that ever before in my life. All this time, I was simply trying to raise my hand to somehow protect me. Since I was sitting on the sofa, only my face and head were the target of slaps and blows. After ten to fifteen minutes of beating me, they tied my legs and lifted me and put me on a bed in a room in the psychiatrist facility and told me that doctor had gone to America and she could not see me. It was a complete lie and the psychiatrist was in her office and was interviewing other patients when I arrived. For about a week, the psychiatrist did not see me and they continued to tell me that she had gone to America and she would not be able to see me. The staff however continued to tell me that psychiatrist had gone to America and some other times they would say she had gone to Islamabad.
Here is a post I made from detention at B**** Clinic where I kept brief records of what was happening in case I would lose my memory or some other thing would happen. This post # 344 and post #518(where formatting of copied post is intact) that was written on April 30th, 2015, 7:10 am. In the following post Dr. N is Dr. N*. The post can be read live at address:
“My Diary for past two days.

I had two sessions with the doctor N previously on the 20th of April and once before at 13 or 14th of April. I remained away from home during this time and second meeting on 20th of April, evening after the night when I remained away from home. I had told the doctor about my circumstances in the first meeting with her. She had said that I looked perfectly fine mentally but she needed to talk to my family. On 20th of April, I took my mother for a second joint session of myself and my and the psychiatrist said, after the meeting, that said she really could not call me schizophrenic but she needed one more sessions and asked me to come to her facility on 27th of April. 
When I arrived at the psychiatric facility, a psychologist had asked me to accompany her which I did and on the way to the her room, I asked for the reason, after which she replied that she wanted to take a session of mine. I told her that I already had a session with another psyc hologist and also with a psychiatrist so I would prefer to have a new session with the psychiatrist now. She agreed and I returned to the waiting room. I was sitting on a sofa in the waiting room on 27th at 8:00 PM (PST) in the line to see the psychiatrist when about five guards took control of me, while I was sitting on a sofa in the waiting room to see the doctor, and gave me an injection. I was beaten and my legs and hands were very strictly tied for more than hour. Though the doctor was in her consultation room and a lot of people were waiting to see her, I was told again and again that doctor was not present at the facility.
In the previous two sessions, she had given the impression I was healthy mentally but she used force without interviewing for the third time or seeing me and without requests to comply. If she was given any special information, she should have talked to me about it and she should have verified with me any change in circumstances.
One injection was given around 8 PM when I arrived for third session with the doctor N. I really think that the doctor was there since there was a large rush of visitors and her SUV was parked in the hospital but everybody among the staff continued to say that doctor did not come to the facility this evening.
I was kept tied for more than one hour. I was taken tied from the waiting room to my room. All these rooms have video cameras so you can ask Dr. N for a video of the events though she might make the excuse that cameras were not working. One of the staff had mentioned when they brought me into a patient room in the facility, that everything was watched by cameras.I would request people familiar with the matter to request her to show them footage of the cameras. Of course, there could be many excuses that cameras were not working but I insist that cameras were working.
Good Mental health facilities try to avoid treating humans like this.
Another injection was given at night before I slept. 
and my internet USB device was also taken. They simply took possession of everything out of my pockets and also took my laptop.
When I asked why they gave me injections, one of the staff told me you were ?hyper? and I was totally surprised since I was quietly sitting on the sofa in the waiting lounge for the doctor. I was told that I would stay in the hospital for three days. I am sure this matter can be resolved who is lying and who is truthful once you look apt video footage of cameras in most rooms.

One injection was given in the morning. One injection was given around noon. All injections were IM (given in the muscle.)
Unknown pills(some pills in the morning +5 pills around noon + 3 pills at night) were given and I was told,? We will tell you know the names of these pills only when you leave.?
Computer was returned today but I was told that we did not take your mobile and they continued to say we never took my mobile. My mobile was never returned( despite I always keep my mobile on me.) 
I was also not given my EVO USB device and I was told you cannot write anything on internet. However the USB device was returned to my mother at night.
I was told today by the psychologist that doctor N had gone to America and will come back after seven days and only then she would be able to see you. I was told we are adjusting your medicine and see what was a good medicine. I was told they were discussing the drugs with her on phone and skype There were several conflicting statements about where Dr. N was. Somebody said she was just out of city and had gone to Islamabad.
When I asked my mother who is living with me at the hospital, I wanted a second opinion, because of beating and other irresponsible behavior of the psychiatrist, my mother would make all sort of excuses while the staff would say that you cannot leave the hospital until Dr. N arrives who is currently out of country.
Earlier today, I was told that I would live at the hospital for fifteen days and later I was told that I would live at the facility for seven days. When I was tied, somebody had told me that I would live in the hospital for three days only.
My mother told me please do not write anything wrong on internet otherwise, they would take your USB forcefully like Dr. A had done more than one year ago. The purpose was to threaten me to not write about any maltreatment so that the doctor would continue to freely manipulate me.
7-8 pills were given in the afternoon and similar number of pills were given at night. At many times during the day, I could barely walk and had extreme difficulty speaking.”

I was detained in the B*** psychiatric facility for several weeks and here is another post 349 that I made on 25 May, 2015, 11:07 am and can be read on internet at:
“When I went to psychiatrist N?s psychiatric facility on 27th April, I was sitting at the sofa and was waiting for the meeting with the psychiatrist N. About six people came to me and forcefully gave me an injection and starting beating me. They literally continued to beat me and I continued to beg them to stop. They were very violent with all sort of slaps and blows on my face as I was sitting and they were standing. The beating lasted for more than twenty minutes and then they tied my hands and legs very tightly and put me on a bed and gave me another injection. I continued to ask them to loosen the knots but they continued to make fun of me. I was totally surprised since Dr. N had behaved very nicely in the previous meeting held at 20th with my mother and myself and I was sure she would declare me mentally sane on this meeting. After I was kept tied for about half an hour, a new guard came and opened my hands and legs and said that they would keep me at the facility for three days. The next day my medication in the form of pills started and I was also given two more injections. I was given about nine pills at night and about eight pills in the morning. I was still not given the opportunity to meet the psychiatrist N, and I was told several different things by different people including that psychiatrist N had gone to America, and she had gone to Islamabad. About three days into my treatment, I saw through the glass walls that psychiatrist N was interviewing her clients in her office. When I mentioned it to the staff, I was surprised that next day psychiatrist N had the glass walls treated and it was made dull so nobody could see through the glass but psychiatrist N still did not see me. After seven days, I was asked to meet psychiatrist N, and she said that she was unaware of the beating as she was in a meeting something that nobody could ever believe in their wildest imaginative parts of the brain. Psychiatrist N also assured me that I had no schizophrenia but it was a case of some mania. I was very surprised since I was not doing anything including my work very seriously in those days. I was just haphazardly devoting time to various activities. I am also known as the coldest person in house and I also have good relations with everyone while everyone else has some serious fights with others in our family. Psychiatrist N had to concoct some excuses to give me very large doses of medicine. Her staff continued to say that we are giving you drugs so that the effect of other drugs given to you by previous psychiatrists decreases while psychiatrist N had prescribed more antipsychotics of any other doctor I ever had before. I would write the details of drugs in a later post. Another acute problem I am facing is that my computers were taken in custody by the psychiatrist N?s staff and the computers that were working better with less gadgets on them remained in custody and they installed more devices on them to change my work and create problems for my research. I would request Americans that I have been sharing my research with everyone previously and I could have made large money out of some of that research but I still decided to distribute everything freely and this was the case even ten years ago when I had made Libor Market Model web and I had freely distributed my programs. I would request Americans to press upon their government to not change my programs and let me continue with my research. This is one activity that I would request Americans to ask their government to refrain from. If any American could help me with this, I would be very thankful to them and consider it their great deed for me. I would request American government again to not change my programs in anyway. I will be thankful to you guys if you could do this for me.They also continue to use gases on me and the gases settle on the body and when I Take a shower almost everyday, the water that comes off the body is dark black. I would again request Americans to ask their government to avoid the use of gases and let me live a natural life as a human. Again I will make this appeal to Americans, I am not a bad human and I do not wish anything wrong to your nation. I have used very different language here but that is mainly because I started to lose control after sixteen years of persecution. For about ten years into my persecution, I had not even told people at 
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 30th, 2020, 12:22 am

Wilmott about my persecution at all and I just thought that this bad patch of my life would simply just pass away. Most good humans would realize that this is not the fate of any human(especially the good ones) to be treated like this ever. Please help stop this activity if you can.”
I was again detained by my family at P*** psychiatric facility in Gulberg Lahore at the end of May 2016. I had previously been detained at the same facility in 2014 for fifty days. As I earlier mentioned Dr. A** S** was the owner of the facility and he was not a psychiatrist. When I wrote my posts on wilmott in earlier days of detention that I cite here, I was not aware that he is just an MBBS doctor and I have mentioned him as psychiatrist.
I would request the reader to know that Dr. A*** S*** was practicing criminal psychiatry because
1.   He was owner of the psychiatric facility but he was not a psychiatrist. He would pose as psychiatrist and detain and openly make diagnosis to declare people schizophrenic and give them injections. This can be easily verified that Dr. A*** S*** who was owner of pavilion facility was just an MBBS doctor at that time.
2.   Dr. A*** S*** made the diagnosis that I was paranoid schizophrenic on flimsy excuses.
3.   When he realized that I might get to know in the future that he was just an MBBS doctor, he asked me to get a second opinion and that is only when I met a certified psychiatrist Dr. Naeem Aftab after more than a week in detention.
4.   When Dr. Naeem Aftab declared me healthy, Dr. A***** S*** refused to let me leave the detention. This can be verified from Dr. Naeem Aftab.
5.   On insistence of Dr. A*** S*** and my family, I had a total of three meetings with Dr. Naeem Aftab but he still insisted that I should be allowed out of detention. When Dr. A*** S**** realized that Dr. Naeem Aftab was not willing to give me injections, he forcefully detained me since he was owner of the psychiatric facility and guards in the facility obeyed his orders.
6.   Dr. A*** S**** gave me antipsychotic injections against the advice of a psychiatrist and kept me in detention. My parents were going to Saudi Arabia and Dr. A** S*** threatened me that he would detain me until my parents would come back from Saudi Arabia and only allowed me to leave the detention when I accepted a compromise with my family that I would live in my sister’s house when my parents would be away and I would receive regular injections after two weeks.
7.   At the end of my detention, Dr. A*** S*** told me that it was Dr. M*** M**** who was overseeing my case while Dr. M**** M**** had not seen me a single time during the period of my detention. Last time Dr. M**** M*** had seen me was more than nine months ago. I have previously described how Dr. M*** M*** was practicing criminal psychiatry.
I have used Dr. A or sometimes Dr. AS for Dr. A*** S****, Dr. N for Dr. Naeem Aftab and Dr. M for Dr. M**** M**** in the following internet posts since I did not want to write full name of individuals on public forums. Here is my first post # 459 from Pavilion that I posted on Wilmott forum May 29th, 2016, 9:05 pm and can be read here:
“This evening when I returned to my home from the office, there were three people from a psychiatrist facility already waiting for me. I was totally shocked since my family had mentioned no such intentions at all. The three staff took me with them to the psychiatrist Dr. A of facility called P in Gulberg  where I was interviewed by the psychiatrist. After a quite long interview the psychiatrist said that I was in the residual phase where there were still no symptoms of schizophrenia but it would surely come back. He said that patients of paranoid schizophrenia never recover unless they recover in the first two years of treatment. He said that symptoms had not appeared but he really had to take some action and he had to give me a small continuous dose of anti-psychotics. He has detained me on his psychiatric health facility. I continued to argue that I could periodically visit him so if the symptoms ever appear, I could start taking medication but he refused and insisted that I must be detained and anti-psychotics must be given to me. I kept my computer with me so I am able to post on internet. If I am unable to post for a few days, it would mean that my computer has been snatched from me.”
When I was detained, I still did not know that Dr. A**** was not a psychiatrist and just an MBBS doctor and he had made a schizophrenia diagnosis for me and detained me. I wrote what happened in this post # 460 on May 30th, 2016, 1:23 am. Please note that I was still not aware whether he was just an MBBS doctor. The post can be read here:
“I had asked the Doctor to make a written diagnosis of my case. He wrote the following three points.Paranoid Schizophrenia. 1. Taping doors, vents, shank, washroom. 2. Prefer eating from outside with reasoning that home food makes him fatter while food from outside has caused significant weight gain.3. Safeguarding water bottles as if someone will pollute/mix something/medicine in water. I will explain my point of view here for his diagnosis, point by point. 1. Taping doors, vents, shank, washroom.doors: I do apply a small amount of paper tape to both doors of the room when I sleep since the locks can be opened from outside. There is no special worry just that I really want to be aware if anything wrong ever happens. vents:I taped airconditioner air outlet when it was winters more than six months ago. Some tape came off after a few days. Most tape came off after two weeks and the outlet was open again. I did not tape it again. If it is schizophrenia, I would be taping it many times a day. I just taped it once more than six months ago and the doctor considers it as an evidence of schizophrenia. This was a one time incident more than six months ago. Shank: I also applied two inches of tape on two holes close to top of the basin. It was also more than six months ago. The tape stayed and I never cared after that. Doctor cites it as an evidence of schizophrenia. This was a one time incident more than six months ago.Washroom:I never applied tape on the washroom doors. I did tape the shank/wash basin as I mentioned in the above but there was never tape on the washroom door. Doctor hastily added it to fabricate more substance since there was reference to tape on shank/wash basin.2. Prefer eating from outside with reasoning that home food makes him fatter while food from outside has caused significant weight gain. My weight actually increased significantly due to anti-psychotics that were given to me more than six months earlier. When I left anti-psychotics, the weight might have slightly increased but most increase was due to anti-psychotics. I mentioned that I do eat from home once a week. But doctor thought that I was violating the society norm in which we should eat at home.3. Safeguarding water bottles as if someone will pollute/mix something/medicine in water. This is based on my mother's statement of a single incident that a few days ago, I stopped her from entering my room. There was no mention of water but she said she thought that must be the reason. I had not alluded to water and it was her reasoning. I did stop her from entering my room but she made up her reasoning that I was thinking that she would do any harm to water. I really had no such thought at all. This stopping her from entering the room was just one time incident and never a repetition. There has never been any other incident with my family when I would stop them from entering my room. Doctor cited this one time incident as evidence of schizophrenia. Everybody in my family and people around agree that I do everything perfectly normally. I do not get angry at all. I am very very rarely if ever upset with any one and I cannot recall any incident of the sort in past few years. I am totally composed most of the times and make perfectly rational decisions and talk perfect sense. In past ten years, I never had a fight with anyone.”
I continued to request Dr. A*** S**** to let me out of detention but he refused. After more than a week’s detention, he told me that he wanted me to seek a second opinion. In fact, I had not even realized that Dr. A*** was not a psychiatrist and was only just an MBBS doctor and he posed as a psychiatrist before me so when he wanted me to see an actual professional psychiatrist, he told me that he wanted me to get a second opinion. And when Dr. Naeem Aftab saw me, he told me that he considered me healthy and I should be allowed to leave the facility but Dr. A*** S**** still kept me in detention against the advice of the psychiatrist since Dr. A*** S*** was owner of the psychiatric facility and the guards in the psychiatric facility worked under his authority. Here is second post # 462 written on June 8th, 2016, 12:25 pm and can be read at:
“I met Dr. A of facility P. yesterday and requested him to let me out of detention but he said that my parents thought my disease was severe and Dr. A was not giving me enough medicine. He had still kept me on Risp 1. Dr. A said that he wanted me to meet another psychiatrist to get a second opinion and then he would know when to let me out of his facility. He mentioned another psychiatrist that I did not know from before but I yielded and said that I would be willing to have a session with Dr. N. Today morning I had a meeting with Dr. N and he was one of the nicest guys I ever came across. No psychiatrist since I came to Pakistan about 17 years ago ever gave me so much time for a single session. Finally he told me that he did not think I should be given any medicine. He also said that I should not live with my family and then frivolous issues like putting some tape on the door could not be cited to make up things like a serious disease. He really wanted me to have a plan ready to get out of my current home and live elsewhere since nobody would be able to find little issues and make a mountain out of molehill. He also told me that the practice of previous psychiatrists like giving electric shocks for several weeks at the start of the therapy without trying medicine for a long time and that too without interviewing me at the start of the therapy and many other similar issues I mentioned, seemed criminal to him and such things are called crimes in psychiatry and such psychiatrists should be punished according to law. I met Dr. A today again who is incharge of facility P. and asked him if he would let me leave since Dr. N had already given me opinion that I was not sick. But Dr. A told me a totally different story and said that Dr. N thinks we should put you on injections. He said that Doctors say such things like," you have no disease." to make repo with the patient. He also said that Dr. N had told me that I was in denial. I was shocked to hear such statements from Dr. A and asked him that in such a case I will like a written assessment from Dr. N as well. Dr. A agreed that he will get a written assessment from Dr. N for me. Dr. A also said that he wanted me to sign papers from him but I totally refused to sign any papers. Let us see if he threatens force to make me sign some papers. Dr. A also said that I will get a chance to talk to Dr. N again once and then he will decide my medication. He continued to insist that he wanted to give me injections for four to five years while I said that I am not ready to take any injections. In the meeting with Dr. A yesterday, when I talked about points in his written diagnosis, he said that I just made up a diagnosis since you were insisting on written diagnosis. It was not serious. Please do not consider it a formal diagnosis. Source: ... z4AziHHtCr
When I realized that Dr. A*** S*** wanted to practice criminal psychiatry, I wrote the following third post # 463 on Wilmott forum on June 9th, 2016, 2:19 am. The post can be read here:
“Since Dr. A of facility P*** seems to be leaning towards using psychiatric criminal methods. He says, for example, on one hand that my disease is residual and symptoms have not shown up but he has detained me for more than ten days. I do not know for how longer time he plans to detain me. I think according to good psychiatric ethics and practices, you cannot detain anyone until the problem is not very sever but many psychiatrists have made a joke out of such practices. He also threatens to force injections despite saying that symptoms still have not appeared (this is how he explained residual). He continues to distort the statements of other psychiatrists to his advantage to make me falsely believe that I have a disease so that he could start to give me injections. I have decided to approach human rights wing of Lahore High court again right after the end of my detention and I will continue to post hearings of court here in detail. If human rights wing of Lahore denies my rights due to pressure from influential people like they tried before when I went there, I will approach human rights wing of Supreme court. And if court does not give me justice, I am not afraid of any contempt of court by speaking exact truth about nature of justice system and 'contempt of court laws' in our society. I will also say that Dr. A of facility P. had detained me more than two years ago for about fifty days. I was, at the start, writing on internet and Dr. A took my laptop and cell phone after about ten days saying that it was stopping my recovery. If I do not write here, it means that Dr. A has read what I have written here and have decided to control my internet again violating all laws of psychiatry to just save himself and hide and conceal his wrongdoings. Source: ... z4B3ECWLUO
I had a second meeting with Dr. Naeem Aftab since my family insisted that I was sick and I needed to be given very high dosage of antipsychotics. The session with Dr. Naeem went very well but we decided that he would have a third session with me when my mother would also be present. Later I had a session when my mother was also present in the session and Dr. Naeem Aftab assured my mother that I was perfectly fine and when my mother insisted Dr. Naeem Aftab told me that I should take a very low dose of 1 mg Risperidone. Here is the post # 468 I made on June 13th, 2016, 6:23 am and can be read here:
“Later at night last Saturday, I had a second meeting with Dr. N and he told me that he had already talked to my family and they were more worried so he decided to have a session with me again. The session on Saturday went quite well and I was able to address the worries of Dr. N. But Dr. N and I agreed that there will be another third session when my mother and myself will meet with Dr. N together to sort out everything. Today we had a session again and my mother arrived in the clinic and Dr. N listened to me and my mother and after hearing our arguments he told me that I seemed fine and he would just ask me to keep taking a low dose of Risperidone 1 mg. He also asked my mother that some people are different and they have no psychiatric problems but we have to try to understand them. He also told me that I should keep visiting him periodically so he could stay in touch and every problem could be amicably settled. I did agree since I found him more caring and thoughtful than any other doctor I had seen since I came to Pakistan seventeen years ago. In past no psychiatrist was ready to listen to me and all of them diagnosed a disease after summary hearing. Whenever I would argue, every doctor would simply respond saying, "I am the doctor and I know what to do." Dr. N also said that he would make a recommendation to Dr. A to discharge me from his facility as he had realized that there was no need to detain me now. He said that it was now left to Dr. A who is incharge of clinic P. to make his decision when to let me walk out of his clinic. Source: ... z4BRSJ8C1M
When Dr. Naeem Aftab declared me healthy, owner of the psychiatric facility, Dr. A*** S*** who wanted to practice criminal psychiatry forcefully kept me in detention and started giving me antipsychotic injections. I made the following post# 472 from detention on Wilmott forum which can be read here:
“The staff gave me an injection about an hour ago. I really think that Dr. AS(or Dr. A, Dr. A in previous posts) should have talked to me before giving me the injection since Dr. N had suggested that I should be given no injections and Dr. AS(Dr. A) is only an MBBS and he cannot revoke the decisions of a psychiatrist. Staff told me that they would have to detain me for a longer period and I would not be leaving in next day or two and staff did not know how long Dr. AS(Dr. A) would have to detain me. I am afraid since Dr. N did not want to give any strong medication, Dr. AS would now talk to another psychiatrist Dr. M to write a diagnosis of Dr. AS's choice. Dr. M is another psychiatrist who practices criminal psychiatry. For example Dr. M, when I came to this clinic in 2014 more than two years ago, had told me that he would restrict my right for a second opinion under Mental health law of Pakistan and under mental health law only DR.M would treat me. No psychiatrist could ever take away my right for a second opinion (There is no such law) but he knew he could enforce anything in detention in the psychiatric facility of Dr. AS since he had also asked the staff to use force when needed. I was detained for about fifty days back then. I am sure since an opinion of Dr. AS' choice has not been given by Dr. N, he would call Dr. M to make a diagnosis and treatment of Dr. AS' choice. Source: ... z4BTVzkpgJ
Later when Dr. A**** S*** realized that I had come to know he was only an MBBS doctor and he could not force antipsychotic injections on me, and when I protested that another psychiatrist had already advised that I should be allowed to leave the detention,  he told me that it was Dr. M*** M**** who was treating me but Dr. M*** M**** had not seen me even once since I was detained in the hospital.
From detention, I made the following post # 475 on Wilmott forum on June 14th, 2016, 8:46 pm which can be read here:
“I was given 2mg resperidone tonight. I resisted saying that Dr. N who is the only professional psychiatrist who saw me since I came here, had suggested that I would get no more than 1m g dose and they ahd already given me an injection but the staff insisted that they have orders that I must be given 2mg resperidone today. I could not sleep later tonight and it seemed half an hour ago that I would not be able to sleep all night. I went out and asked the staff to give me some medicine so I could sleep. There is no MBBS docotr in the hospital at night and the dispenser came and gave me a pill so that I could sleep. He also broke the news that it is Dr. M who was treating me now and it was Dr. M who had prescribed the greater dose of medicine and injections. I was shocked because Dr. M had not seen me at all since I came here and last time he saw me was more than nine months ago, so how could he suggest any medicine without talking to me. Everybody here is practicing criminal psychiatry. Can anyone believe that a psychiatrist could suggest injections and drugs without even talking to me. And Dr. N who actually had three sessions with me here, hospital staff under orders of Dr. AS(MBBS) was not following the suggestion of Dr. N at all. Since I came to Pakistan, it was only Dr. N who did not have a summary hearing and actually listened to me but Dr. As who is an MBBS and incharge of facility Pav. where I am detained has decided to follow advice of another psychiatrist who has not seen me at all here.I feel that high blood pressure and lack of sleep is due to injections and hospital staff is not even telling me the name of injections. Source: ...
Dr. A** S*** continued to give me injections and again told me that it was Dr. M**** M* who was treating me while Dr. M** did not see me even once in all of the period of my detention. Last time, Dr. M*** had seen me was nine months ago. Here I made post# 477 on Wilmott forum about my detention and can be read here:
“I have yet to see a psychiatrist after having a meeting with Dr. N on Monday. Though I was given an injection and my dose was doubled and I was told that it is another Dr. M who has advised new medication, I have yet to see Dr. M who had seen me last time more than nine months ago. I have also not seen Dr. AS for more than a week now. I think according to medical rules there should be an MBBS doctor at night in the psychiatric facility but Dr. AS does not show up these days as he used to stay in the clinic on most nights before the start of Ramadan. It was decided after our joint meeting with Dr. N and my mother on Monday that matter has been settled and my mother had told me that she would come to take me out of the facility after paying the dues but when we talked on phone she complained that hospital staff was not allowing her to meet me and did not let her take me out of the facility. She told me that she was helpless and could not do anything before the hospital staff. She later told me that my father would come to Lahore on coming Monday and then she would see what to do. Let us see if my family takes me out of the hospital in next few days or want to extend my detention for another few weeks after my parents go to Saudi Arabia.Source: ... z4BvlA8QZQ
I was allowed to leave the detention on June 23, 2016 but my condition sharply deteriorated due to injections and here is a reformatted post# 481 written on July 8th, 2016, 10:30 am
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 30th, 2020, 12:48 am

in which I have described how my condition deteriorated after the injections. The original post can be read here:
“My sister insisted that the next injection is due today and I should get the injection. I resisted and tried to explain that earlier injection already had too many side effects. I told her the following recent side effects.
a. Every night my mouth is extremely dry from inside and I would wake up several times and go to washroom and wash my mouth with water. This happens every night.
b. I would feel short of breath several times. Of course, my breathing would not stop but I would have to breathe harder after that.
c. After eating something sweet, the taste inside my mouth would change and become extremely unpleasant.
d. I also spoke about my previous heart problems with the injections.
She was however firm that I really should get the injections. We talked to another doctor that was known to my sister. He said that if his blood pressure and pulse are fine there is no problem, he should get the injections. I had not checked my blood pressure after I left the facility P. of Doctor A. When the blood pressure was checked, it was 110/140 and my pulse was 110. It was a random blood pressure check and I was not feeling any headache etc. My sister had to abandon the plans of injecting me and we decided to check with a cardiologist now. I also spoke to my mother in Saudi Arabia and we decided that I would follow treatment and advice of Dr. N after talking to him again. I have earlier claimed that some Americans involved in my persecution want my early death. I also make the claim that they block some neuro-transmitters that are related to most vital functions of the body like heart beat and other things with similar vital importance to sustain life in ourselves. I am extremely sure of this. Only five years ago when I went to Britain, I used to run for more than ten kilometers every day in London for more than a month while carrying a small bagpack on my shoulders that had my important stuff in it and I would not have any issue of any sort. I would request good humans everywhere (including America) to raise voice against my persecution and strongly insist that EM waves frequencies related to neurotransmitters that are supposed to be vital to our life must not be used on me or any other human. Source: ... z4DodIUFY7
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

April 30th, 2020, 3:36 pm

I have edited some of the above parts of the letter to Human Rights Watch to delete (replace with ***)  some of the names I had forgotten to delete. I have not made any single change in subject or wording. 
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Re: My Letter To HRW About My Human Rights Abuse

May 2nd, 2020, 11:23 am

Since I have deleted the names of people in the copy of my application to HRW posted in the above link, if you would like to read the original application, please email me at and I will email you the application with all the names and references that I sent to HRW.
You think life is a secret, Life is only love of flying, It has seen many ups and downs, But it likes travel more than the destination. Allama Iqbal