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Stinky books !!!

November 27th, 2008, 11:14 pm

Stinky booksAs anyone ever heard of a book that stinks before ? I recently sold Paul's book, that one titled "Frequenctly asked questions in Quantitative Finance", on Amazon.Sent it up to Wolf College at Cambridge. Sold it really cheap for about 6 quid. I stated that the book was used but in very good condition,quite a bargain really. The Chap replied with the following Amazon feedback. "They said it was used. But they didn't tell me that the book stinks! ".He also gave me a 3 out 5 rating. severly affecting my 100% score.How can a book stink? if so what can a book possibly stink of? Has anyone else ever bought a book that just literally stinks?Personally im not into smelling books, and i would imagine that most people are not, so im assuming that the smell is so bad that you can smellit from reading distance.then again i have looked further into this book smelling fetish from googling book smellersmore book smellersIt seems there are some weirdos out there who like sniffings books after all!.Still, i do not believe that the book i sold stunk. Does this mean in future before i sell books i will have to spray themwith perfumes, or deodrants. Is this just a Cambridge student thing ? do they realythinks they are so special that books they read should be perfumed /scented, and will old brut or air freshner do ?So come on then KennyMing i know its you who bought the bloody book from me, i've read some of your posts on thisforum. What did the book smell of, its bugging me now ? Can this be a new interview question for wanna be quants ? did you like the smell of that book?
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Stinky books !!!

November 27th, 2008, 11:27 pm

Perhaps the buyer meant that the book was no good, rather than smelly.
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Stinky books !!!

November 28th, 2008, 12:20 am

Let's gather some supporting evidence:1) Are you a smoker? If so, what brand? Or a pipe?2) Do you have dogs?3) Do you live near any cow or pig farms in the countryside?4) Was the book stored in a musty basement or attic?Here is a link to Wolfson College, for further assessment on their predilections.Wolfson CollegeOn a personal note, I just received a large shipment of books, including this one, and was quite pleased.They have a rare perfume of frankincense and quantophilia and are perfect for the holidays.
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