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Lascaux Partners

Posted: December 16th, 2021, 1:31 pm
by tagoma
By chance friends, have you ever been in touch with Lascaux Partners?
Their website claims they do executive search, market research and capital introduction for HFs.
More specifically how was your job placement experience with them?

Re: Lascaux Partners

Posted: January 17th, 2022, 1:30 pm
by tagoma
Well, my personal experience with Lascaux Partners (one of my buddies experienced the same at the same time, actually) If useful to other Wilmotters in the future --
So, as I (and my friend)  experienced it, Lascaux Partners is just another of those numerous scam-like HH in London. They contact you via LI (first flag...), they tell you they have a job possibly interesting to you (although they just don't know anything about you) and insist to get your CV. While on the phone, you can hear it is busy in the background (aka call center), and they use all the cold-calling techniques they can (optionality, feel/felt/found, prospect qualification, ...). Still, there are inconsistencies in their pitch and you never hear about them again after that call.
What was new to me this time with Lascaux Partners is they called me on WA -audio only- (I have no clue whether it is standard practice nowadays), and the WA profile photo of the lady who called me was just a cliché of soft porn profile pictures you now find everywhere online (but maybe this is also standard business practice nowadays?  old schmuck here, not used to that).
The gap between the voice I could hear on WA and the one would have imagined for the young lady on that profile picture (aka Selma Bouvier vs a Japanese school girl) was just ridiculous.