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It's taking awhile to sink in...

September 16th, 2008, 9:06 pm

Though most here dont care... I would still like to clarify the Urdu/Hindi thing.1. Spoken Urdu is basically Hindi with lots of Persian and some Arabic words.2. The popular dialect of Hindi spoken in India also contains a lot of Persian words (though not as much as urdu). It is more like Hindustani a mix of pure Hindi and pure Urdu.3. People in South India dont (and usually dont like to) speak Hindi. They speak other languages like Kannada, Tamil etc.
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It's taking awhile to sink in...

September 17th, 2008, 5:45 am

QuoteOriginally posted by: DominicConnorDepends a lot on your view of what is meant by "main" doesn't it ?Certainly I know a lot of Indians who list Urdu as one of their languages.In financial services I observe no discrimination exercised by Indians, and I think I'd be able to spot it if it was a major issue.Of course I'm not so naive to believe it doesn't happen.The only time I encountered it, was in a different industry, and the person I caught doing it suffered a lot. At length. He really didn't enjoy it one little bit. Must say I find Lubbermuchhio's idea of learning Hindi of low marginal utility. Hindi is radically different from European languages, and a high % of Indians you'd actually want to speak to understands English. If you need Hindi, hire someone who speaks it natively.I think I am being misunderstood here...I said very clearly in first place that English in all its accents- British, American, Australian- works very fine in India....however, if at all you have to learn any Indian language, then Hindi would be utmost useful and certainly more useful than learning Urdu.

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