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Visa Sponsorhip in London

March 3rd, 2014, 6:02 am

I am of Iranian Nationality. I am considering starting an MFE in London. I am wondering if companies in London sponsor Visa? Would visa requirement make it harder for me to get a job?
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Visa Sponsorhip in London

March 3rd, 2014, 8:10 am

Big companies do sponsor visa. However it will make it harder to get a job and is a big turnoff for recruitment agents.
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Visa Sponsorhip in London

March 3rd, 2014, 8:22 am

Yes the visa thing makes it harder, I don't know of anywhere that isn't true.Basically, you have to find some way of getting them to really want you, there was a time when an MFE would get you most of the way towards that, but today you have to excel in some extra ways.That's easier if you do a UK MFE because it allows you to do hardcore networking, but you need to go to a "good" MFE.Do not do Sharia Finance if you want a job in the UK.London may be the centre of this market, since it has both the expertise and the rule of law (coming from Iran you may need to look that term up), but there are a lot of Moslems in finance and so many want to do Sharia that the market is very saturated.For completeness there does exist a path through excellence in Sharia to a UK visa, but that requires a degree of scholarship that very few people can attain.Conversely, SF is good if you bounce off the UK and end up working in the Gulf.So we have an exercise in the cost of hedging in which I assume you are male...An MFE is a substantial investment, fees + lost earnings + living expenses make it most of £ 100K, more if you leave a good job.Taking options for Sharia law reduce the expectation of earnings, since it both reduces your chance of getting a job in a high wage country like the UK and increases the prior probability of you getting a job on lower wages than the average in this line of work.However, since there is a non-trivial probability that you will have to leave the UK after your MFE, the downside is mitigated by the optionality of having skills that have utility in countries that you will find it easier to be allowed to work in.Note my use of financial terms, if you haven't started to use the financial techniques you already know on your own life then start now.If you were female (no way of telling on then there would be a slightly different game, since banks HR are gagging to employ women in this sort of role and thus may more easily be persuaded to work through the visa stuff. However, HR are mostly women and coming to an interview dressed like a a slave (the common term used in private by female HRs for the way women dress in Iran) won't hurt you when talking to hiring managers much, indeed there are a good number of Moslems in this line of work at all levels of seniority, but HR will hate you on sight and they have a veto (a democratic term, you need to look that up as well), but also they will not lift a finger to help someone who dresses that way. Be clear, this is rarely a dislike of Moslems since they won't veto men who happen to be Moslems, but what happens when women see other women choosing to dress like they are owned by a man. This is because a HR director has made her way up in a highly male dominated business in a culture that is only 2-300 years ahead of Iran in terms of the position of women and so are really quite hostile to women who let the side down.

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