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QuantMinds International - Hamburg 2-6 November

January 27th, 2020, 4:24 pm

QuantMinds International heads to Hamburg 2-6 November!


450+ experts from banks, buy-side, regulators, Silicon Valley, academia and beyond examine every facet of quant in five amazing days

QuantMinds International showcases the latest expert thinking on the fundamental topics at the core of quant finance including, volatility and option pricing, interest rate modelling and IBOR, FX and commodities, risk, regulation and liquidity, XVA and model risk and so much more!

Plus, hear about the two new things that everyone is going to be talking about for 2020…..

Machine Learning and AI Summit – key themes include: Explainable AI, Neural networks, what not to use ML for, the impact of regulation, out of industry success case studies and putting ML into practice.

QuantMinds Alpha Forum – a stream across 3 days designed to help asset managers find their edge. Key themes include: passive vs active, portfolio theory, factor investing, sentiment analysis and deep learning.

Save 10% off the registration fees. Quote VIP code: FKN2698WWL or register here:

Why a new virtual event?

Moving QuantMinds International to a digital event in 2020 allows you to move your business forward and stay up to date, despite the unpredictability of travel plans due to COVID-19.
Every aspect of the program has been reassessed for a virtual event to ensure your digital experience will deliver maximum value. Expect networking, interaction and a socially engaged digital experience. Meetings can be scheduled to accommodate all time zones. Engage with speakers in real-time through Q&A, audience polling and chat features. Networking opportunities include 1-to-1 meetings, virtual coffee chats and more...