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RiskMinds 2021 - Virtual and In-person

March 24th, 2021, 5:20 pm

RiskMinds brings together a collection of leading event brands, each providing unique solutions to specific challenges faced by the risk management industry.
Start the year with our virtual products and join us in London in September and Barcelona in December to meet face-to-face.

RiskMinds virtual events include:

RiskMinds Regions - the chance to connect with other risk managers in your region.
RiskMinds Asia - 11 – 12 May
Save 10% with VIP code FKN2852VWMWL. Find out more>>
RiskMinds Americas 11 – 12 May
Save 10% with VIP code FKN2854VWMWL. Find out more>>
RiskMinds Europe - 11 – 12 May
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RiskMinds In Focus - A virtual week of precision-engineered content on the key themes impacting risk managers today
Leading RiskMinds - Monday 14 June
Managing Uncertainty - Tuesday 15 June
Managing Technology - Wednesday 16 June
Managing Regulation - Thursday 17 June
Save 10% with VIP code FKN2863VWMWL. Find out more>>
Or, for the best value save 10% on the Virtually Everything Pass. A subscription model unlocking a full programme of all the above virtual events. Find out more>>

In-person events include:

RiskMinds ReConnect - September 2021 – a chance to meet up in London.
Details to be announced soon…
RiskMinds International – a truly global gathering of 1000+ leading minds in risk management taking place in Barcelona 6 - 10 December 2021.
Save 10% with VIP code FKN2833WMWL. Find out more>>
RiskMinds Insurance – part of the flagship event in December designed for risk managers within insurance.
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