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Binary Option Scam - Beware

February 3rd, 2019, 4:03 pm

If you are having issues trying to withdraw the amount which was invested with the profit through any of these binary options Companies, I am sorry to tell you that you have been scammed.I had same issue with Coin Bull after depositing $3300. A lot of these binary brokers would tell you to pay a specified amount to withdraw and then keep on telling you to pay which you will never withdraw the funds ; I had paid Birman Law 10% of my principle loss with nothing to show for it, I think the algorithm of these programs are designed for us to lose money in some way. If you flushed your money down the toilet with a binary broker then just learn your lesson, it took me 9 months to figure out how to get my money back after made failed attempts; I contacted several lawyers but it was all waste of time and money, they couldn't render an inch of help. God so good to my old self and family, I later came across a post on Quora referring a recovery expert that helped me recover almost all my deposits within 15days from Coin Bull. If you have found yourself in same situation as me you can contact the expeYou can contact –''wealthrecovery(AT) cyberservices (dtcom)" . He can guide through getting your money back. Be sure of where you invest everyone