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Re: "Unified Revolution" new book by Espen Haug

February 15th, 2020, 5:20 am

Collision-space-time: Unified quantum gravity  and here

"For about hundred years, modern physics has not been able to build a bridge between quantum mechanics (QM) and gravity. However, a solution may be found here. We present our quantum gravity theory, which is rooted in indivisible particles where matter and gravity are related to collisions and can be described by collision-space-time. In this paper, we also show that we can formulate a quantum wave equation rooted in collision-space-time, which is equivalent to mass and energy. 

Depuis une centaine d'années, la physique moderne n'a pas été en mesure de jeter un pont entre la mécanique quantique et la gravité. Cependant, une solution peut être trouvée ici. Nous présentons notre théorie de la gravité quantique, qui est enracinée dans des particules indivisibles où la matière et la gravité sont liées aux collisions et peuvent être décrites par l’espace-temps de collision. Dans cet article, nous montrons également que nous pouvons formuler une équation d'onde quantique enracinée dans l’espace-temps de collision, qui est équivalente à la masse et à l'énergie."

Standard physics contains two major mistakes that means they not can unify gravity with QM and not even  properly with relativity theory. 

1. They indirectly use two different mass definitions, without knowing so. In gravity they indirectly have incorporated the Planck scale into their mass by multiplying G with their kg mass M.  The second mass in for example their weak field Newtonian gravity cancels out in anything directly observable. In all other areas off physics than gravity they use a different mass definition. This means it is impossible to unify the different areas of standard physics, without fixing this. (Actually if they have followed Newton's original formula and Newtons philosophy clearly pointed out in Principia and not fudged it with a G to get their incomplete kg mass to work in gravity they would possibly have solved it long time ago.

2. By using the de Broglie wave and the de Broglie momentum that are just mathematical derivatives of the real matter "wave", the Compton wave and the real momentum, adds to why standard physics not can get a consistent theory. 

By fixing these two, viola and one can unify. We get a dramatically simplification of many formulas and concepts in modern physics, not at a cost. It is more compact and contains more information about the depth of reality!

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